Helene Fischer in jeans look: what is she working on?


In December, Helene Fischer surprised with a TV appearance. Since then it has been pretty quiet again about the Schlagerqueen. Now a new photo in the jeans look gives hope for an early comeback of the record singer.

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In 2017, Helene Fischer’s last regular studio album was released with “Helene Fischer”. What followed were hit singles like “Herzbeben” or “Achterbahn”, sold out concert tours, the separation from Florian Silbereisen and the withdrawal from the public. In December 2020, the pop singer reported back for an appearance at the ZDF donation gala “A Heart for Children”. Little has happened since then. Now celebrity stylist Serene Goldenbaum has posted a photo of herself and the “breathless” singer and that raises hopes for an early comeback.

On the selfie you can see Helene and the stylist. Both are completely dressed in jeans. “Twinning”, writes Goldenbaum about the picture. “Oops, we both had jeans on today and almost the same hairstyle.” But then it gets exciting, because Goldenbaum continues typing: “Was it a coincidence? Or maybe too intensive preparation for our job? I don’t know!” “Secret project” is hidden in the hashtags.

 The re are no references to this on Helene Fischer’s Instagram profile. Her last photo is her slightly belated New Year’s greeting from January 3, 2021, which shows her smiling at the camera without any make-up. © www.de24.news

 The re is also lull in their story. So it will be interesting to see when the record singer’s fans can look forward to musical news. She has at least announced new songs for 2021.

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Helene Fischer jeans working


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