Helene Fischer: What she has to do with the comeback of the No Angels


On the occasion of their 20th anniversary, the girl group No Angels returned. And pop star Helene Fischer indirectly has something to do with the comeback!

This return caused pure enthusiasm!  The  singers Lucy Diakovska (44), Sandy Mölling (39), Nadja Benaissa (38) and Jessica Wahls (44) returned as No Angels for their 20th band anniversary. And they got indirect help from none other than Schlager queen Helene Fischer (36)!

Magical angel! In the video above you can see Helene Fischer’s new look.

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 The  No Angels re-recorded and modernized their debut single “Daylight in Your Eyes” on the occasion of their long-awaited comeback. But that’s not all! To get off to a successful start again, the four women got very special help and, according to the “Bild” newspaper, hired Helene Fischer’s dance team “Army of Love”.

Her shows are unique, but Helene Fischer also makes her fans gasp with her outfits. See for yourself – in the video below.

Hotter than the fire!  All in black, she heats up her fans

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© www.de24.news The  No Angels are getting ready to perform at Florian Silbereisen

At the head of the team? Chief choreographer Cale Kalay (34), who has been on stage countless times with the Schlager queen in the past. He also worked with Helene on her popular ZDF Christmas shows. Now he should make the No Angels fit for the big stages of the country!

In order for the girl group’s comeback to be a complete success, Sandy, Lucy, Jessica and Nadja meet with Cale almost every day in a Cologne dance studio. © www.de24.news

 The re they rehearse for their big TV appearance on the ARD show by Florian Silbereisen (39). At the side of Helene Fischer’s ex-boyfriend, the No Angels will be seen on Saturday (February 27th).


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Helene Fischer, Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai
Who is the German Schlagerqueen?
Helene Fischer is no longer the only star in the Schlager sky. Her colleagues Andrea Berg and Vanessa Mai compete with her. But who is the Schlagerqueen?

That’s how hard the training of No Angels is

Cale Kalay told “Bild” how the preparations are going so far: “We start every day with a hard workout, then it’s time to dance. It’s amazing how quickly the girls find their way back to their old power. © www.de24.news

 The y go beyond theirs when training Limits. ” © www.de24.news

 The  women should train around ten hours a day in the dance studio!

Singer Lucy explained in an interview with “Bild”: “During training, total joy was compared to total exhaustion. We fell into bed with sore muscles every day. Some of us even needed a physiotherapist.” She added: “I noticed that all of this is no longer as easy for me at 44 as it is at 25.”

Not aged a day – how does she do it? In the video below we show you how Nadja Benaissa looks today!

10 years after the tape ended: This is what it looks like today

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