Henrik is missing: Paulina Ljubas has not had sex for five weeks


Paulina Ljubas (24) is on sex withdrawal!  The  former Cologne 50667 actress has had to do without her partner Henrik Stoltenberg for a while now. © www.de24.news

 The  Love Island star has been in front of the camera for the second season of celebrities under palm trees for a few weeks – in Thailand. During this time, the influencer misses her treasure a lot – and also their physical needs must Paulina screw back accordingly at the moment!

In a Q&A Instagram a curious follower wanted to know what the 24-year-old would do if she had to go without sex for five weeks – and apparently hit the bull’s eye. “I didn’t have now”joked the beauty. That this circumstance makes her a little mad, the brunette indicated with a saying in her story: “Day 187 without sex: I lose my hearing in my left eye.”

Maybe waiting for her loved one for Paulina yes an end sooner than expected – at least should Henrik have been banned from filming. Allegedly, a dispute with fellow candidate Melanie Müller (32) was the trigger.

Paulina Ljubas and Henrik Stoltenberg

Instagram / paulina_ljubas

Paulina Ljubas and Henrik Stoltenberg
Henrik Stoltenberg, "Love Island"-Awareness

Instagram / henrik_stoltenberg

Henrik Stoltenberg, “Love Island” known
Melanie Müller, pop star

Instagram / melanie.mueller_offiziell

Melanie Müller, pop star

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Henrik missing Paulina Ljubas sex weeks


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