Herd immunity achieved by the end of summer


Berlin The  head of the German vaccine developer Biontech, Ugur Sahin, has raised hopes that herd immunity will be achieved quickly in Germany. At a digital conference of the media group Hubert Burda Media, he said on Monday evening that such immunity would be achieved by the end of summer. © www.de24.news

 The  Focus reports on this on its website.

© www.de24.news

 The  total number of those vaccinated (3.3 million people) would have significantly exceeded the total number of proven infected people in Germany (2.4 million), according to Sahin. That is a great success.

On the subject of corona mutations, he said: “I’m not very concerned about the mutations, but we have to be prepared.” Processes have to be established to quickly produce modified variants of the vaccine.

Sahin had developed the first vaccine against the coronavirus with his German company Biontech together with the American manufacturer Pfizer. Initial, yet final, evaluated studies suggest that this vaccine is highly effective and can even prevent infection or transmission of the coronavirus.

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Herd immunity achieved summer


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