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No other country in the world has vaccinated as many people as Israel. And the strategies are getting more and more creative.

Israel vaccinates like on an assembly line. 90 percent of the over-60s have already received the mRNA vaccine from Biontech and Pfizer, and more than 80 percent have already been vaccinated with the second dose. Even teenagers had their turn.

 The  country in the Middle East is now getting more and more creative in motivating the population to vaccinate against the coronavirus. Now you even get a free corona vaccination and a free drink in a bar in Tel Aviv, reports the “Jerusalem Post”.

No alcohol for medical reasons


 The re is no need to make an appointment in the “Jenia” pop-up bar. ©

 The  aim of the original campaign is to convince young people in particular of the vaccination who are indifferent to the pandemic.

And with the “Piks” there is a free non-alcoholic drink. Alcohol is avoided for medical reasons. “I thought it was a good opportunity to get vaccinated here because I neither have the time nor the opportunity to look elsewhere for an opportunity,” says Israeli May Perez, who was one of the first to be vaccinated in the bar.

Dozens of young people queued to get their vaccinations and drinks, reports the Times of Israel portal. “If the boys don’t come for the vaccination, the vaccination will come to them,” explains Maya Nouri, a member of Tel Aviv’s city council.

In cooperation with the city’s restaurants and bars, further vaccination offers are planned. For example, there was a free snack in one of the restaurants for those who were vaccinated there.

“Green passport for vaccinated people”

Israel is particularly successful with its vaccination strategy. So far 4.25 million people have been vaccinated, which is around 47 percent of the Israeli population. Prime Minister Netanyahu promised those who had been vaccinated a “green passport”, which would make many leisure activities possible again.

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