High quality audio streaming option is coming this year


Some streaming providers now offer a HiFi option in addition to the traditional music subscription. So far, this has included Tidal, Deezer or Amazon Music, but not top dog Spotify. For those, a subscription option for higher audio quality has been under discussion for a long time. So far nothing has happened. Losless audio streaming is partly a “question of faith” anyway – some (including myself) think they hear a difference. For me, the one for Tidal can already be heard on a Sonos system, which is why I think, regardless of the HiFi option, that different “handling” on the part of the streaming providers could already have certain audible effects.

Like the other streaming providers, Spotify will certainly charge a surcharge for “Spotify Hifi”. Corresponding upgrade options are available for premium members. © www.de24.news

 The  hi-fi option should start this year, as the streaming provider announced at “Stream On”. Where and under what conditions is not yet known. Like the other streaming providers, music should then be available in lossless CD quality. This should also be able to be transmitted to compatible speakers via Spotify Connect.

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High quality audio streaming option coming year


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