Hollywood star Susan Sarandon prefers to date younger men


Hollywood star Susan Sarandon knows exactly what she wants. In an interview, she now revealed that when it comes to dating, she prefers younger men who are still looking for an “adventure”.

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Even as a 74-year-old single, “Bad Moms 2” actress Susan Sarandon is still a long way from renouncing men.  The  US actress spoke openly about her dating life in an interview with © www.de24.news

 The  Daily Telegraph and stated that she now prefers a younger partner. “I now find it difficult to find older people who would be appropriate,” said Sarandon. She needs a man by her side who is “curious” and looking for an “adventure”.

“That’s why I’m drawn to people who are artists, not necessarily actors, but to anyone who has a passion for creating. I think I can only be with people who are really looking, interested and asking questions “explained Sarandon in the interview with the British newspaper. This is much easier to find in younger men because everything is new, she said.

Relationship with a director 31 years his junior

Most recently, Sarandon had a romance with film director Jonathan Bricklin, 31 years his junior. After five years of relationship, the two separated in 2015.

Before that, the Oscar winner was in a relationship with US actor Tim Robbins, who was twelve years younger, for 22 years. © www.de24.news

 The y have two sons together, Miles and Jack. Sarandon’s daughter Eva comes from a relationship with the Italian director Franco Amurri. From 1967 to 1979, Sarandon was also married to US actor Chris Sarandon.

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Hollywood star Susan Sarandon prefers date younger men


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