Horoscope for the week from February 22nd to 28th, 2021


Zodiac Sign: Horoscope for the week from February 22nd to 28th, 2021


Your Valentine’s Day has been extended: Until the end of the week there will be a lot of harmony and lightness. Your partner supports you in a complex professional situation. You have at least two attractive options and you don’t yet know how to decide.
Thursday: You do something difficult with your left hand.


In your job, you are solid as a rock and make sure that colleagues who are at the end of their nerves stabilize themselves. You can assert yourself well when it comes to your own interests. Your partner will feel that too. But he / she is busy with himself and likes to let you take the lead.
Friday: Your resolution for the weekend: muck out.


Charisma and anticipation. Your secret: You let what does not suit you roll off and focus on the beautiful things in life that will soon be possible again. You shine and feel particularly attractive. This increases the tenderness factor in your relationship.
Saturday: According to the horoscope, a perfect day for a detox.


Love, great emotions (from tenderness to anger), great plans. Singles find interesting contacts thanks to dating apps. Your panacea: your home. This is where you feel most comfortable and can regenerate. On the subject of “negative feelings”: You shouldn’t push them away, but analyze them.
Wednesday: Bye, sweatpants, today you’re going to style yourself.


Your zodiac sign now has a lot of drive and ambition; You invest both in your career. Your plus: On the one hand, you have every detail in view and ensure that processes run smoothly. On the other hand, you have a full overview and develop ideas for the future that you and your sweetheart discuss at the weekend.
Wednesday: Great for a game night with the family.


In love (and in other social relationships) there will be a sunny general weather situation from Thursday. Everything just fits between you and your darling. You quickly come into contact with people and convince on the job with detailed knowledge, good ideas and empathy.
Monday: You see a lot more relaxed and are not as critical as your zodiac sign is otherwise.


What you’ve come up with for your blog, your book project or a creative hobby is finally working wonderfully after a few attempts this week! Use these days to do something for yourself, something that strengthens your zest for life and brings you to other thoughts.
Sunday: A quiet day that you should put your feet up.


Your family keeps you on your toes and you really hang in there. When everyone is happy, you are happy too. In fact, cooking and baking are a lot of fun right now and you’re trying out a few things. Maybe a business idea will emerge from it.
Thursday: You are full of power. Have the courage for a demanding goal.


Thanks to negotiating skills, you can make a bargain on sale. And you can add to your budget by selling online. At work and in private conversations, you shine with factual knowledge, but also with the ability to think outside the box.
Friday: Tidy up your desk, delete emails, get ready for the weekend!


You have overcome the home office lethargy and do sports regularly. You are true to your favorite sport, but you also try a lot.  The  variety motivates you. You also have an overview of your finances. Many a Capricorn-born invest in funds, bitcoins or stocks.
Wednesday: What you achieve has nothing to do with happiness, it is your performance!


Me, myself and I – at the moment you are mainly concerned with yourself and your personal development. Maybe you are one of those Aquarian people who now find meditation really great or who fall asleep in the evening with spiritual podcasts in your ear. Whatever is good for you – bring it on!
Sunday: High energy level. Sport is just right now.

12. FISH

You are best when you can get your head and ideas through. On Wednesday in particular, self-assertion is the big topic: You absolutely want to gain the upper hand with your ideas. And you can do that even when other people grumble.
Thursday: According to the horoscope, you are starting a three-week phase in which you have a lot of charisma.

Text: Edda Costantini

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