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Germany’s successful games retailer Gamesplanet will celebrate its 15th birthday in 2021. For the next few months Gamesplanet is throwing a huge birthday party in the form of an anniversary sale. Horror-and-zombie games are currently available at bargain prices, including titles like Resident Evil 3, Doom Eternal, Alien: Isolaten and Call of Cthulhu. Buyers of one of the action games will also receive a zombie game as a gift. Everything about the Horror & Zombie Sale and other Gamesplanet promotions can be found here.

What does the Anniversary Sale offer?

Gamesplanet divides the month-long 15th Anniversary Sale into individual genre sales.

 The  bargain campaign under the motto “Horror & Zombie” runs until February 26th. Goosebumps factories like Resident Evil 3, Call of Cthulhu and monster carving like Doom Eternal are currently available at bargain prices. In addition to the euros saved, buyers of an action game will also receive Ultimate Zombie Defense as a gift. If you want to have the game, simply enter the coupon code “ZOMFREE” when purchasing one of the titles from the promotion in the shopping cart. © www.de24.news

 The  game then appears in the library in the Gamesplanet account immediately after the order has been paid for.

What are the highlights from “Horror & Zombie”?

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 The  Anniversary Horror & Zombie Sale at Gamesplanet offers a rich selection of subtle goosebumps horror and rabid demon chops. Titles like Resident Evil 3 or Doom Eternal shouldn’t be missing in any collection. Both titles are currently available with a discount of at least 70 percent. © www.de24.news

 The  psychedelic horror adventure Layers of Fear should also be experienced by fans of the genre, it is currently available for just 3.50 euros. But these are only three of the many highlights of the savings campaign.

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 The  best offers from the Gamesplanet campaign

Gamesplanet Anniversary Sale “Horror & Zombie”: “Ultimate Zombie Defense” as a gift with every purchase (including Resident Evil 3 for € 17.99, Call of Cthulhu for € 6.66, Layers of Fear for € 3.50, Zombi for € 4.75)

Bandai and Snapshot titles at promotional prices

Several PC titles from Bandai Namco and Snapshot are currently available at promotional prices at Gamesplanet. Among other things, the successful racing simulation Project Cars 2 with 12K and VR support is available for just 8.50 euros. We would also like to recommend the exciting mystery thriller Get Even, which is available for only 4.80 euros. © www.de24.news

 The  Bandai & Snapshot Promo runs until February 27th.

Gearbox action titles cheaper

With Duke Nukem, Gearbox secured one of the most famous action brands a few years ago. As part of the Gearbox Games Promo, Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour is currently available for only 1.99 euros. Action fans should definitely experience the adventure. With Bulletstorm, another action brand from Gearbox is currently available at a budget price. © www.de24.news

 The  Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition offers continuous fire fun at a very low price of only 3.70 euros. Gearbox titles are available from Gamesplanet at promotional prices until February 26th.

Gearbox Games Promo (including Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour for € 1.99, Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition for € 3.70, Homeworld Remastered Collection for € 3.20)

Gamesplanet regularly offers other savings and flash deals.

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Horror Zombie Sale bei Gamesplanet


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