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Hostage Against Vaccine: In order to free a civilian from Syria, the Israeli government apparently promised not only to release two Syrian shepherds, but also to order thousands of Covid-19 vaccines for the hostile neighboring country. More on this [premium]

“Incorrect facts”:  The  fact that a Federal Chancellor writes an open letter to an authority has never been seen in Austria. Actually, that’s not the way a head of government corresponds. In it he not only writes that he is always available for questions, but also of “incorrect assumptions, but also incorrect facts”. More on this [premium]

Saving in the corona year: In the 2020 corona year, the savings rate not only doubled in Austria, but in the entire euro zone. According to a new study, many people in Europe saved significantly more (probably by necessity) during the crisis. More on this.

New law degree: From the next winter semester, there will be a second law degree to choose from at the Vienna Faculty of Law: International Legal Studies. As for the conventional course (1700 places), there will also be an admissions procedure for the new (200) course, for which interested parties can register from March 1st. More on this [premium]

Sanctions against Russia and Myanmar: © The  foreign ministers of the EU countries discussed the latest developments in the Alexei Navalny case and the situation in Myanmar. According to diplomats, the meeting in Brussels is expected to launch new sanctions.

1,838 new infections in Austria: © The  number of new infections with the corona virus remained high on Sunday: 1,838 infections in Austria were reported in the past 24 hours (as of 9:30 a.m.), according to the crisis team. 18 people died during this period as a result of Covid disease.

Putin meets Lukashenko: Half a year after the protests began in Belarus, ruler Alexander Lukashenko plans to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. © The  66-year-old is also traveling to the Black Sea city of Sochi. According to information from Moscow, the conversation is about the further development of relations between the two countries.

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Hostage vaccine sanctions Russia Myanmar


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