How bad is Covid-19 in France? More controls from 6 p.m.


In France, the security forces are to monitor compliance with the night curfew from 6 p.m. – with the warmer temperatures, it was expected that people will find it more difficult to be home on time even on the weekend. Anyone who is on the road after 6 p.m. for no good reason faces a fine of 135 euros.

A few weeks ago, it was expected that France would be sent back into lockdown. But with the exception of shopping centers, the shops remain open. After the February vacation, random saliva tests are to be organized in schools. It is said that President Emmanuel Macron does not want to decide for eight to ten days whether it will be tightened or relaxed. Macron tries in a kind of tightrope act to keep the shops open as long as the hospitals are not too overloaded. In fact, the number of daily deaths in recent weeks has been lower than in Germany – despite a significantly higher number of new infections.

As of this Saturday, the French health authorities reported 22,371 new infections within 24 hours and 183 deaths. At the same time, the number of hospital patients has decreased slightly.

In Lyon, it was forbidden to consume beer outdoors in the city center on this Saturday afternoon. Previously there had been crowds of people, apparently groups had arranged to meet for an aperitif. But in Rue Mercière, where many tourists dined before the Corona period, people could certainly be seen drinking beer despite the ban.

 The  7-day incidence in Lyon over the February vacation is currently much lower than the Nice hotspot at 209 per 100,000. In Toulouse, Paris, Marseille and Metz, too, more people have recently been infected with the corona virus. Montpellier, Nantes and Brest are currently less affected.

Because of the high number of new infections, a complete lockdown or curfew at the weekend should be prescribed in Nice.

On this graphic from LA DEPECHE DU MIDI you can see the development of the daily new infections in France.

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