How the MH Corona Explorer is supposed to improve the care of people with COVID-19


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. Politicians, doctors, scientists and guideline experts rely on “dynamic guidelines” to improve the care of SARS-CoV-2 infected people. In these “dynamic guidelines”, findings on the molecular basis of infection and disease processes should also be taken into account.

This has now become clear at a forum supported by the Federal Ministry of Health, to which the biotech IT company Molecular Health had invited. “With a precise understanding of the molecular basis and key processes of the COVID-19 disease, it will be possible to treat the diverse symptoms and long-term consequences promptly and precisely.
For this purpose, this knowledge should also flow into dynamic clinical guidelines and thus be made available to doctors, ”said Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn and Friedrich von Bohlen, CEO of Molecular Health, according to a statement from the Heidelberg company.

COVID-19 molecular disease model

 The  company’s COVID-19 disease model, which was developed together with researchers and clinicians from the University of Zurich, provides an approach to this: © The  MH Corona Explorer is a browser-based application that can be used to visualize and explore a molecular COVID-19 disease model, which for the first time makes it possible to explain the variety of symptoms and the long-term course of the disease at the molecular level. This model is based on the networking, processing and integration of knowledge published worldwide.

“Eight key mechanisms that can be disrupted in various organs explain the systemic character of the disease, from lung damage and cardiovascular manifestations to key symptoms such as loss of smell and taste. Another aspect of the model explains how the disease can be decoupled from the acute viral infection and lead to the so-called long COVID syndrome, “said Dr. Stephan Brock, CTO of Molecular Health, quoted.


 The  different courses and long-term consequences are now increasingly coming together to form an overall picture”, summarizes Professor Simon Hoerstrup, University of Zurich, in the press release. Computer modeling and simulation could significantly contribute to making the right decisions faster in the future – for COVID-19, but also for other diseases. Hoerstrup also pointed out the opportunities to use computer modeling and simulation for generating hypotheses for clinical studies, or for repurposing drugs.

“Enrichment of the digital treatment guidelines”


 The  Working Group of Scientific Medical Societies in Germany (AWMF) is now working with 33 professional societies to update the guidelines on COVID-19.

 The  steadily growing knowledge from all participating specialist societies must be available to doctors quickly at the bedside. That is why we need digital treatment guidelines. If these can now be enriched with the knowledge about the molecular background of the disease, that could dramatically improve the treatment of patients, ”Professor Ina Kopp, head of the AWMF Institute for Medical Knowledge Management, is quoted as saying.
BMG Head of Department Dr. At the end of the event, Gottfried Ludewig also welcomed the fact that the company will soon start a first project to use the MH Corona Explorer at the COVID center of the Essen University Medical Center.

Molecular Health develops software in the areas of in silico and precision medicine. This is intended to convert large amounts of data into evidence-based, medically relevant decision-making aids, as the company reports. ©

 The  software solutions would be used where precision medical patient care or efficient drug development required increasingly complex data interpretations. (eb)

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Corona Explorer supposed improve care people COVID19


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