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Just recently, Angela Merkel was reluctant to have step-by-step plans with which the corona protective measures could be relaxed step by step.  The  fear that she and others harbored: Those who commit themselves and stir up expectations must disappoint them if things turn out differently. On Monday, however, the Chancellor expressed understanding for the desire of many citizens for opening plans – and, according to participants in the deliberations of the CDU Presidium, also named sport and culture as areas of life for which plans are now needed.

It is urgently needed. © The aters plan performances without having any idea whether they can take place live. Footballers don’t know when there can be encounters with fans again instead of ghost games. Concert organizers and cinema operators have long since stumbled, not to mention clubs. According to a Prognos study, the creative industries suffered a 13 percent loss in turnover, a minus of 22.4 billion euros, last year; the music market alone collapsed by 54 percent.

Not only event, cultural and sports companies are threatened in their existence, state and municipal cultural institutions are also at risk. ©

 The y are dependent on ticket income and ancillary businesses such as museum bookshops. In addition, libraries, museums and theaters lose their room for maneuver when municipal budgets shrink due to a lack of tax revenue.


 The  football association and an opera house support the study


 The  emotional and intellectual consequences are likely to be even more serious than the economic consequences of the closings. Anything that creates community beyond digital formats remains taboo, and that in a time that is stressful for everyone and calls for a joint discussion about what has happened.

An initiative made up of organizers, people responsible for culture and scientists from various disciplines is now proposing a way out. As immunity increases, it demands that the general incidence values ​​no longer be strictly oriented, but that hospital occupancy rates and local conditions should be taken as a yardstick. ©

 The  concept is supported by around 40 sports and cultural providers from the German Football Association to the Unter den Linden State Opera. Museums are not represented; it is about halls and stadiums in which many people meet at the same time.


 The  risk of increased contagion should therefore be compensated for by uniform hygiene concepts. ©

 The  usual precautionary measures such as masks and distance are to be supplemented by digital booking concepts, more stewards and appropriate ventilation to enable up to 30 percent utilization, in the open air area even 40 percent.

Many, many more tickets could be sold if organizers bet on antigen tests, according to the authors of the paper. ©

 The se should be offered on the spot or on the same day. Alternatively, proof of vaccination or surviving infection could be sufficient to gain access. In addition, the ventilation concept of the facilities would have to be assessed according to uniform medical standards.


 The  initiative goes further than previous attempts, especially since it no longer wants to use incidences as the most important yardstick. ©

 The  initiators did not rule out rights only for vaccinated persons in a press conference, but it was too early to discuss this. ©

 The  requirement for openings to be opened soon can be based on a study by the Hermann Rietschel Institute in Berlin. According to this, visiting a theater with 30 percent occupancy is only half as dangerous as visiting a supermarket with poorer ventilation. A trip by long-distance train or long-distance bus would be three times as risky as going to the opera.

But could theaters, stadiums and concert halls open soon if they follow the concept? This is a political decision that is not easy to make. Because every event inevitably leads to more movement – and that in times of rampant mutants. In any case, the initiative does not name a date.

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