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It’s not just crapware and borderline tools for Google’s chome. We show nine strong examples that make Chrome a lot better. […]

© The  PanicButton, for example, closes all open tabs or pages with one click (c)

Yes, Chrome is a pretty comfortable and good browser, even if it is very “googled” (between us: that makes it so convenient!). Here we show nine tools that even optimize the browser.

Go Back With Backspace

Google has the BackspaceButton deactivated. ©

 The  company justified the decision with the fact that incorrect use of backspace led to problems, for example with payment processes or logins. Alternatively, this is currently only possible via Alt + left arrow. For creatures of habit, Google is now offering a corresponding add-on that enables the BackspaceButton brings back.

Go Back With Backspace (c)

Hotspot Shield

Annoying geoblocking when streaming internet content is not necessary. Hotspot Shield disguises the surfer’s IP address. This is how it works: After downloading and restarting the browser, a red coat of arms appears in the upper right corner of the browser. If you click on this, the plug-in can be activated. Underneath there is an option called «Virtual Location». ©

 The re you can choose from which country you state with a click of the mouse. This eliminates geoblocking. At least mostly; Providers like Netflix are strong at recognizing certain IP ranges used by VPN providers so that this trick does not always work. But often.

Hotspot Shield (c)


Feedly is an almost indispensable RSS newsreader for putting together an individually tailored news platform. Two points are particularly advantageous: Via the button Add Content you can add new RSS feeds to your stream. You can find pages either via the search function or a preselection from Feedly right below. With the apps for Android and iOS, your streams and bookmarks stay synchronized at all times. To do this, you must be logged in to your Google account on the respective devices. Start Feedly from the homepage or access it directly from the URL

Feedly (c)


Ghostery helps you in the fight against curious snooping scripts such as Google Analytics or DoubleClick, which follow your surf tracks for advertising purposes. Ghostery currently tracks down over 200 different scripts. However, one has to admit that Ghostery makes part of its database available to the advertising industry, but states in the terms and conditions that GhostRank data is treated anonymously. Ghostery shows the advertising companies to which the tracking methods used on the page belong on the pages visited. ©

 The  individual tracking types can be blocked in the Ghostery administration options.

Ghostery (c)

Rain alarm extension

Do a quick check of the surroundings for a rain alarm before you leave the house? ©

 The  rain alarm extension shows you quickly where rain showers could be approaching.

Rain alarm (c)



 The  PanicButton closes all open tabs or pages with one click. ©

 The  function is useful, for example, in the event of an unexpected visit to whom you do not want to allow insight into your surfing activities. To bring up the tabs you just opened, simply click the icon in your browser toolbar again. You can also configure a key combination for the PanicButton or protect your tabs with a password. To do this, right-click on the icon of the browser toolbar, click on Manage and go to the Options the extension.

PanicButton (c)

Google Translate

Google Translate as a Chrome extension is useful for quickly displaying foreign language pages in another language. By right-clicking on the icon in the browser (via the administration) you can also specify your native language, so that, for example, translation is always into German. Foreign language pages can be translated with just one click of the add-on.

Google Translate (c)


 The context menu is an ideal extension to quickly translate a word into German with a right-click. (c)


Click & Clean blows in the same horn as the PanicButton. As soon as you close the browser, the entire surf history of the current session is deleted – but only in its own history.

Click&Clean (c)

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