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 HSV in the earnings crisis: is the marmot saying hello again?  |  NDR.de - Sport

Status: 02/22/2021 4:48 p.m.

Hamburger SV gambled away their promotion to the Bundesliga twice in a row in the second half of the season. This season, the second division team made a more stable impression until a few weeks ago. But now he shows familiar symptoms again.

by Hanno Bode

Exactly 519 kilometers separate the stadium of the second division soccer club Würzburger Kickers on Mittlerer Dallenbergweg and that of the league rival Hamburger SV on Sylvesterallee. It takes at least five and a half hours to complete this route by bus, which is known to be allowed to travel no faster than 100 km / h on the motorway. Provided that the inmates don’t push for a pee break at every opportunity (petrol station).  The  HSV kickers had plenty of time on Sunday evening after their guest appearance at the newcomer to review their strangest performance of the season.

At 2: 3 against the bottom of the table, who had been completely beaten by then, the promotion top favorite had not only disappointed in terms of football, but also lacked the mentality and passion that had distinguished him in the season so far until the final phase. “We now have a long bus ride ahead of us and will go into great detail as far as the analysis is concerned,” announced coach Daniel Thioune.

Hamburg's trainer Daniel Thioune © dpa-Bildfunk Photo: Timm Schamberger / dpa

AUDIO: HSV coach Thjoner: “Das tut schon weh” (3 min)

Only a Bundesliga point supplier in this form

It is doubtful that the return trip was enough for the 46-year-old to undo the encounter. His team had done far too much wrong. Almost unbelievable for a team that wants to compete with FC Bayern Munich, RasenBallsport Leipzig or the Borussia from Dortmund and Gladbach in the coming season. If you only take the performance from the Würzburg game as a basis, HSV should perhaps do another “lap of honor” in the second division – it would be the fourth if they were not promoted – than duels with the German industry giants.

Thioune: “No question of formation or order”

“It was certainly not good today,” said Thioune, complaining “that we didn’t get the horsepower onto the pitch for long stretches in this game.” A good description of the long anemic and football-uninspired Hamburg appearance. When asked about tactics – Thioune had switched from a 4-3-3 to a 3-4-2-1 system – the coach replied: “It wasn’t a question of formation or order. We just didn’t do it well . “

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Hamburg's Khaled Narey (r.) And Jan Gyamerah are disappointed.  © IMAGO / HMB-Media Photo: Timm Schamberger / dpa

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 The  Hamburger show at 2: 3 a sometimes catastrophic performance. Kiel can now overtake them in the table. more

Mutzel: Crisis? “It was a shitty game”

You can call the catastrophic defensive performance, including a repeatedly failed keeper Sven Ulreich and the uninspired offensive appearance on Dallenberg, as a slip and dismiss it. After all, it was the first bankruptcy of HSV after eleven undefeated games in a row. But after just one win from the last five matches, there is also the opportunity to see a trend at the traditional club. © www.de24.news

 The  trend of being caught in a negative spiral, as in previous years, which could ultimately lead to another rise. Thioune, always refreshingly honest, is not yet ready to convene a crisis team.

“I’m not interested in statistics. © www.de24.news The  results are not good. But we are very, very far from a crisis.”
Daniel Thjoner, Trainer of Hamburger SV

Sports director Michael Mutzel demanded that the “shitty game” in Würzburg “must be learned quickly”. © www.de24.news

 The  team is not allowed to show such an appearance again. Mutzel doesn’t see HSV in the crisis either: “It’s not a crisis, we have played too many good games in the last few weeks, almost months, and shown too many good things.”

Despite the earnings crisis, anticipation of the city derby

However, HSV is no longer a sovereign candidate for promotion, even after what has been largely convincing in the meantime. And it is precisely in this difficult phase that the city derby awaits the Thioune team next Monday (8.30 p.m., in the live center at NDR.de) at the crisis-tested FC St. Pauli, which has been flying high for weeks. At HSV, however, they do not have any worries about the trip to the world’s most sinful mile. At least insure them. “© www.de24.news

 The  last 90 minutes in Würzburg were not what we had in mind. But it will be a completely different game again. And we’re looking forward to it,” said captain Tim Leibold. “We approach the game like everyone else, we start 0-0,” said Thioune.

Captain Tim Leibold from Hamburger SV © Witters Photo: Wolfgang Zink

VIDEO: HSV captain Leibold: “That doesn’t throw us off track” (1 min)

Morals and returnees give hope

So a lot of defiance with the Hamburgers after their desolate trip to Würzburg. And there is certainly hope for improvement. Jeremy Dudziak, who is very valuable because of his running strength and footballing qualities, celebrated his comeback after surviving an injury in the second section. In addition, central defender Stephan Ambrosius is available again after serving a yellow card suspension against St. Pauli. Personal details that give Thioune more room for maneuver and increase the pressure in the squad. But the city derby will not only be a sporting test for HSV. It will also show whether HSV is more psychologically stable than in previous years, which were very similar.

Thioune is optimistic in this regard because his team shortened to 2: 3 after falling 0: 3 in Würzburg. “We have a certain mentality and didn’t want to surrender,” said the coach. However, if there is nothing more to praise than morale after the St. Pauli duel, the bus ride back to the Volksparkstadion will by no means be enough to analyze the game. It only takes a few minutes …

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Soccer table © Panthermedia, screenshot / NDR photo: Tobias Eble

Results, table standings and game days at a glance. more

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