Huawei changes saddles: “We can survive without cell phone sales”


Huawei has to rethink, the sanctions on the company’s smartphones lead to a loss of profit. This also includes the expansion of Huawei technology. But no one has bet on it.

 The  Huawei-Technologie finds fewer and fewer buyers. This is the result of the US sanctions that were still imposed on the Chinese company Huawei under the leadership of former US President Donald Trump. Due to falling cell phone sales, the group has now found a new buyer for its technology. In this way, the company could break away from cell phones.

Huawei technology is used when fattening pigs

Huawei’s smartphone sales have been in free fall since the US identified components of the Chinese company’s phones as a national security threat. Now the Huawei technology is to be used in mining and pig fattening. For this purpose, artificial intelligence from Huawei is to be repurposed.

Huawei has to look around and introduce its technology in new procedures as they no longer stab with their 5G phones in the US. © The  necessary components for this were blocked by the US after Donald Trump claimed that the Chinese government could eavesdrop on conversations by US citizens. In the final quarter of 2020, Huawei phone sales fell 42 percent. It was also difficult to produce new devices as the delivery of new microchips also suffered from the sanctions. In the meantime, even the UK, along with other countries, has stopped developing 5G with Huawei, also for fear of national security.

Huawei is looking for new customers for its technology

Now Huawei is taking a drastic step and, according to various media reports, wants to reduce its cell phone production by 60 percent this year. This has not yet been officially confirmed. That is why Huawei technology should be used in cloud services, electric cars and smartwatches. Since China has the largest pig fattening industry in the world, Huawei also wants to open up a new market in it by modernizing its work processes. For example, Huawei’s artificial intelligence could find and prevent diseases faster during fattening and better track pigs thanks to facial recognition.

Ren Zhengfei, Huawei founder and CEO, stated at a press conference, “We can survive without relying on cell phone sales.” Pig fattening, coal mining and other industries are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of new fields of work in which Huawei technology will be used in the future.

However, users of Huawei cell phones don’t have to throw in the towel just because Huawei technology is occupying new fields. ©

 The  Huawei Mate 40 recently received an important update. You can also still buy a Huawei phone and benefit from discounts.

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Huawei saddles survive cell phone sales


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