Huge 65-inch TV with 4K resolution on sale


As of this week, Aldi brings the Medion Life X16596 back on sale. Before Christmas, however, the television was available at a much cheaper price, now buyers have to dig deeper into their pockets. GIGA reveals the details.

Aldi is now selling 65-inch televisions for 579 euros

Update from 02/22/2021: From this week you can buy the Medion Life X16596 with 65 inches from Aldi again.  The  TV will be available from February 25th. ©

 The  price has risen quite a bit. Before Christmas you only had to pay 475 euros with reduced VAT, as you can read below. Now Aldi suddenly wants to have 579 euros. Still a good deal, but no longer a price sensation like just before Christmas.


On the same day, an 82-inch Aldi television is also sold, which is actually a real price-performance hit.

Original article:

A 65-inch television for well under 500 euros? Exactly this offer starts today at Aldi in the online shop. ©

 The re you can buy the huge TV with 4K resolution and a chic design for only 474.33 euros – including shipping costs. In contrast to other dealers, there are no additional costs for the shipping on top. Aldi is even undercutting China TVs from Xiaomi and is knocking out a real mega-deal shortly before Christmas.

Competing televisions are significantly more expensive. ©

 The se are around 600 euros. You can currently get a Hisense 65-inch TV with a 50 euro discount on Amazon, so that you land at 550 euros. ©

 The  Medion Life P16502, which is sold on Amazon for 506.84 euros, could be more interesting. ©

 The re you can activate a 70 euro voucher, so that you end up with a fabulous 436.84 euros. ©

 The  two Medion televisions are very similar, so you can save even more there. ©

 The  voucher is valid until December 31, 2020 – but the offer could be sold out faster at the price.


 The  most important differences you need to know:

For whom is the purchase of the Aldi television worthwhile?

For everyone who wants the largest possible TV at a very low price. A 65-inch TV with 4K resolution for less than 500 euros is extremely cheap. Hardly any other manufacturer can keep up – even Xiaomi not with its Mi TV, which costs around 600 euros. ©

 The  Aldi TV offers everything you need. You can receive everything through a triple tuner, and you have WiFi and Smart TV functions for Netflix and Co. You have to make small compromises in terms of image quality. Otherwise you get a lot of TVs for very little money. We assume that the offer will be sold out very quickly. So hit it fast if you want it.

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Huge #65inch resolution sale


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