“I was brought down to earth”


Thomas Tuchel brought him to the starting line-up five times in a row. Timo Werner scored four goals from these games for Chelsea. “I just had to let go of all the pressure of having to score goals”, explains Werner in an interview with the ‘kicker’. And then be “You can already see a clear upswing in the last few games” the national player is happy.

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Werner has collected five goals and eight assists in his 25 Premier League games to date.  The  arrow-fast right-footer does not come close to the quota from Leipzig days. Werner attributes this primarily to the major footballing change from German to English club football.

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 The  way things are in England, you never have a quiet game. You drive to the fourth from bottom, are 0: 1 behind after 15 minutes and they park the bus in front of their gate so that you can no longer combine “, explains the 24-year-old, © www.de24.news

 The  players are 1.90 meters tall, brutally physical and really fast – including the defenders. It’s impressive what’s going on in terms of intensity in the Premier League. “

Tuchel as a fixed point

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 The re was no doubt in his 1000-minute dry spell without a hit. But the self-confidence was already cracked, Werner admits: “At the beginning I also had this self-image here, that if I meet, I can continue doing my thing here. I was brought down to earth in the last few months. “

With Tuchel he can now get clear instructions and small pats in German. “That is definitely a huge advantage for me”Werner admits. Feel “Almost a bit at home”. Now it is important for the former Stuttgart to increase not only the performance but also the quota. After all, the Blues paid more than 50 million euros in transfer fees last summer, especially for his accuracy.

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