ICE Hockey League: DEC, Bratislava lose, Quali Round open – winter sports – ice hockey

ICE Hockey League: DEC, Bratislava lose, Quali Round open - winter sports - ice hockey

On the fourth day of the Qualification Round of the ICE Hockey League, the top duo suffered defeats while the pursuers win.  The  Dornbirn Bulldogs are defeated by the Graz99ers 1: 2 (0: 1.0: 0.1: 1), the Bratislava Capitals remain with the Black Wings 1992 with 0: 4 (0: 1.0: 1.0: 2) without a chance.

In an open game, the Dornbirn team fail again and again because of the sovereign Graz goalie Nussbacher or their own precision, while Menshikov comes to his first two goals in orange: Both times he unpacks an onimer from the right side and makes DEC keeper Östlund look bad (12th, 42nd).

Jevpalovs puts a backhander under the crossbar for an exciting final phase (50th), but the equalizer is no longer successful.

In Linz, Bratislava repeatedly fails due to the strong kickert, which is in the Linzer Tor for the first time since January 29th. ©

 The  Black Wings’ increase in chances ensures the highest win of the season, Hytönen (18th), Matzka (28th) and two Lebler (47th / PP, 56th / EN) score the goals.

Because the VSV also got a 3-1 win at HC Innsbruck, everything comes together at the top. Collins (34th, 55th) and Pollastrone (59./EN) pull the game over to the Adler side after Gerlach equalizes in the last third (47th).

Dornbirn and Bratislava hold 12 points each, Graz and VSV each have 10 points, Linz follows with 9. Only HC Innsbruck is beaten with four points – the top 3 of the qualifying round get the playoff ticket.

ICE Hockey League – Qualification Round – Table and Results >>>

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ICE Hockey League DEC Bratislava lose Quali open winter sports ice hockey


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