Ice hockey: Red Bulls celebrate their first pick-round victory

Ice hockey: Red Bulls celebrate their first pick-round victory

Salzburg played very compactly, with a lot of commitment and were the team that determined the game. In addition to Austin Ortega and double scorer Thomas Raffl, Stefan Espeland was delighted with his first goal with the Red Bulls.

Thomas Raffl back on board

In the fifth season duel with the Hungarians, the Red Bulls had captain Thomas Raffl on board again, while the convalescent Taylor Chorney and Paul and Mario Huber were missing. And like last Friday, the Red Bulls made another lightning start, with Austin Ortega still scoring in the start minute from close range for the early lead. Two minutes later, Dominique Heinrich hammered the disc on the crossbar behind Fehérvár’s goalie Jaroslav Janus in a power play.  The n the guests got better into the game and also tested Salzburg goalkeeper Jean-Philippe Lamoureux with good shots. In the further course, both played head to head and delivered a fast game with not too many chances, in the final phase the puck just missed the pole when a poke in front of the guest goal. After the first third, the home side led 1-0.

3-0 lead in the second section

At the beginning of the second section, Rick Schofield pulled from a distance, the disc went from the goalie’s shoulder to the crossbar. In the 24th minute, Istvan Bartalis had a clear shot from the right face-off circle and failed to JP Lamoureux. Shortly afterwards, Stefan Espeland put Thomas Raffl in the limelight with his first assist point and the captain used from an acute angle to take the 2-0 lead. © The  Red Bulls kept pressing and presented the guest defense with problems. Only from the 30th minute the Hungarians were dangerous again and opened the game. ©

 The  Salzburg team remained decisive in the game and combined a lot in front of goal. In the 38th minute, Stefan Espeland withdrew from a distance in a power play and scored with his first goal for the Red Bulls to take a 3-0 break lead.

Conceded goal in the final third

In the final third, the guests tried to intensify the game again and came up with good chances. JP Lamoureux reacted excellently to a few shots from close range, but could not do anything with the only goal when Akos Mihaly’s shot, outnumbered, was directed into the goal by a Salzburg skate (49th). But the Red Bulls continued to cause danger and a little later restored the 3-goal lead. Thomas Raffl (52nd) was the fastest in a rebound and thus fixed his second brace of the season. In the remaining minutes, the Red Bulls didn’t let anything go and were happy about the first Pick Round points they earned. Goalkeeper JP Lamoureux also played a major role in the success, as he did not let a Hungarian shot pass and could only be ‘beaten’ by his own teammate.

(Source: SALZBURG24)

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Ice hockey Red Bulls celebrate pickround victory


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