Ikea: Customers want THIS product – Corona has to do with it


Ikea: Customers want THIS product – Corona has to do with it

Ikea: the success story of the furniture store

© www.de24.news The  Swedish furniture store chain Ikea is very popular with customers in Germany. More and more furniture stores are being built and sales are growing. Ikea achieved retail sales of 5.325 billion euros in Germany in the 2020 financial year.

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Even if Ikea is currently closed due to corona at least in Germany, a product is currently going through the roof.

One piece is particularly popular with employees.

© www.de24.news The  boss of Ikea Switzerland gives an insight into the numbers.

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Ikea: This product is a box-office hit during Corona

In one of our neighboring countries, it turned out to be mainly one Ikea-Product as a best seller. “Height-adjustable tables sell like hot cakes,” said the Swiss Ikea boss Jessica Andere in an interview with the Luzerner Zeitung.


This is Ikea:

  • Founded in Sweden in 1943
  • 433 branches worldwide
  • Various franchisees operate Ikea branches in individual countries
  • 211,000 employees worldwide
  • 38.8 billion euros in sales in 2018
  • Ikea Germany sales of 5 billion euros in 2018


Understandable. After all, working standing up from time to time also adds some variety to the eight-hour home office shift. And your back will also thank you if you don’t just sit in the swivel chair for hours.

But are the height-adjustable home office desks also catching on in Germany? We asked Ikea.

Ikea: desk trend also in Germany?

“From the beginning of the pandemic we saw that their own home became more important for people, because on the one hand they want to spend more time there, on the other hand they also want to combine significantly more functions,” said Ikea spokeswoman Claudia Seibert when we asked Editorial staff with.


More news about Ikea:


This included desks and other office furniture, but also products for the outdoor area. A trend that is currently popular not only in Switzerland.

Ikea: Customers complain about the “Click & Collect” fee – furniture giant explains change in lockdown

Because of the lockdown, a topic is currently causing a lot of discussion among Ikea customers. © www.de24.news

 The  ‘Click & Collect’ fee. Now the furniture giant has taken a stand and announced another change.

Which is it? You can find out here >>>

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Ikea Customers product Corona


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