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Arabella Kiesbauer also moderates the fifth season of “Starmania”.

Wien Next Friday, after a ten-year break, a new season of the casting show “Starmania” will start on ORF 1. As with the first four editions Arabella Kiesbauer as a moderator on board.

You have already moderated the first four seasons of “Starmania”. Do you remember them well?

Kiesbauer In very good memories. When it was launched, “Starmania” sealed my return to Austria. It was an exciting process from conception to the first show. We were all excited about the format behind the scenes, but you never know whether the audience will see it the same way.

Do you think now is the time for the show to comeback?

Kiesbauer “Starmania” should have continued to run.  The  success of other casting formats in Germany has shown that they are a very important genre of television.

64 candidates sing for victory in “Starmania 21”. Do you still keep track of things?

Kiesbauer I will do it like the audience: I will deal more closely with the candidates from show to show. It’s not just about faces and names. Ultimately, we want to capture the personality and independence of each candidate with the help of recordings.

Sometimes it puts harsh criticism on the candidates. Does that affect you?

Kiesbauer Yes. Most of the candidates are very clueless about their stage experience and how they deal with criticism. I have become a bit like “Mama Starmania” because I noticed that I have to give them support so that they can learn and grow into it.

What is new is that this time you are not moderating in front of a live audience. Do you have to adjust yourself as a result?

Kiesbauer It’s strange because such shows, by and large, thrive on the energy of the audience. Last year, as the moderator of “© www.de24.news

 The  Masked Singer Austria”, I had concerns about whether it would work without an audience. But it went well.

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