Images of Apple AirPods 3rd generation surfaced


 The  photos on the 52audio website are supposed to show Apple’s 3rd generation AirPods. It looks like the new wireless earbuds have been brought closer to the design of the AirPods Pro. It is not possible to tell whether the noise suppression was also installed.

Bloomberg previously reported that the new AirPods will get the design of the AirPods Pro. However, the stem should be smaller than before.


 The  report states that active noise cancellation will not be built in. That would also be a very strange decision by Apple because it would cannibalize AirPods Pro sales. After all, that’s the only really important advantage over the normal and much cheaper AirPods.

We’re still hoping for a longer battery life, but that will probably remain a pipe dream. ©

 The  battery technology has not improved so much that more than five hours are realistic.

According to 52audio, the new AirPods will receive a pressure relief system. This improves the often uncomfortable wearing comfort of in-ears. Presumably, the new model will also receive the controls that are built into the Pros.

Allegedly, the new AirPods will also receive 3D audio. This function, with which a sound source can be spatially located, is an exclusive feature of the Pro models. However, this requires special audio sources. Apple and Disney have equipped some films and series with it, other streaming platforms such as Netflix are to experiment with the audio feature, but Spatial Audio is not yet available here.

According to 52audio, the new AirPods will hit the market in early March 2021. ©

 The re is no information about the prices yet. It is doubtful whether the AirPods will be shown at an Apple event. Apparently there won’t be any in March, maybe the headphones will only be announced by press release.

Are you using an AirPods model? What are your main criticisms of that?

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Images Apple AirPods #3rd generation surfaced


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