Impeachment against Donald Trump: Republicans lament “inexcusable” acts


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 The  dispute among the Republicans after the impeachment trial against Donald Trump continues. A senator criticizes that attacks on Democrats have gone too far.

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     The  republican in the USA continue to argue about how to deal with the ex-president Donald Trump.

  • A senator now criticizes so-called “Cancel Culture“. Dem Impeachment from Donald Trump he did not agree.
  • All background information on the 45th President of the USA is available in the Trump-News.

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 The  dispute within the US Republican Party after the end of Donald Trumps Term of office is likely to last longer. Senator John Thune from North Carolina has now defended those of his party colleagues who are in favor of a Impeachment Donald Trumps have voted.


 The  Senator himself voted against the impeachment, but warned, according to the US magazine Politico, against excluding those who voted for it. “©

 The re were strong arguments,” Thune said in an interview with Politico. “People could come to different conclusions. If we criticize the media and the left for the cancel culture, we cannot do it ourselves, ”said Thune.

Donald Trump starts Republican quarrel with Mitch McConnell

Senator John Thune habe Donald Trump Although rarely criticized while he was in office, according to Politico, he did describe Donald Trump’s actions as “inexcusable” after the election. After he had voted against the impeachment, he justified this with the fact that he did not want to punish a private citizen with the sole intention of disqualifying him for future offices.

Has this week Donald Trump against the senator Mitch McConnell and thus further fueled the dispute within the party. John Thune, on the other hand, told Politico that he would support candidates who did not speak “about conspiracies and things like that”.

Donald Trump speaks as US President with Republicans – including John Thune (3rd from left). (Archive image)

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Senator defends party colleague who votes against Donald Trump

He praised Liz Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming, who was officially reprimanded by her party for impeachment Donald Trumps had voted. You have “done a good job in most things,” said Thune. He stressed that he would support her in the primaries. But she remains in the parliamentary group leadership in the House of Representatives. (Friederike Meier)

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Impeachment Donald Trump Republicans lament inexcusable acts


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