In preparation for fighting with Chechens: Clan members in Berlin are said to have procured war weapons – Berlin


In Berlin, politics and the police react to new challenges posed by organized crime (OK). While Neukölln’s mayor Martin Hikel (SPD) calls for a central office to be set up for confiscated real estate, investigators are currently following evidence of automatic firearms in the clan milieu, according to Tagesspiegel information.

In addition, the perpetrators of the spectacular attack on Kurfürstendamm are wanted: four masked gunmen had robbed the money transport of a bank there on Friday. A burned-out getaway car was found in Berlin-Schöneberg after the crime.

Regardless of the Ku’damm bank robbery, there is currently a lot to be said for it, said one official, that individual submachine guns that fall under the War Weapons Control Act have been procured in the milieu. Well-known clan criminals may have obtained them in order to prepare for clashes with gangs from Chechnya.

Only on Thursday, 500 police officers – including elite GSG 9 workers – searched 22 addresses in Berlin and the surrounding area. Two men, aged 22 and 44, were arrested, and objects worth 300,000 euros were confiscated.

 The  major raid was directed, among other things, to the Remmo clan, which is known beyond Berlin, whose members were involved in fights with Chechen families in the summer of 2020. It is investigated for violent offenses, weapons and narcotics offenses.

Investigators a few days ago on a property in Neuhardenberg in Brandenburg. Drugs were supposed to be stored there …Odd ANDERSEN / AFP

A “still to be clarified role” was played by suspects who did not come from a large German-Arab family in the area around the Remmo clan, says an expert on the scene. ©

 The se men have no family connection to “any immigrant milieu” and should not come from established circles of the rocker or hooligan scene.

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 The ma: Ex-Bordell-Betreiber packt aus – warum Berliner Clan-Kriminelle so oft zur Schusswaffe greifen (T+)]

In view of the wealth that OC offenders could amass, Neukölln’s Mayor Hikel pleads for a central point in dealing with confiscated real estate. ©

 The  occasion is the current debate between the district office, the Senate and the public about the villa in Berlin-Neukölln that the Remmo clan had moved in.

“In the future, we will have to think more often about what the municipalities should do with confiscated real estate,” said Hikel to Tagesspiegel. “This not only applies to Neukölln, but initially in particular. We therefore propose that a central office in the federal states take care of this in the foreseeable future.

This body should be provided with sufficient expertise and thus personnel by the state. ©

 The re are some arguments in favor of locating such a position for Berlin in Neukölln. ”In the Berlin authorities, it is expected that in the future, apartments purchased with booty money will more often go to the state.

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In 2018, 77 apartments, houses and arbor properties were confiscated on suspicion of money laundering, which are attributed to the Remmo clan. Berlin’s Court of Appeal confirmed in 2020 that two of these properties are now owned by the state, including the famous villa on the outskirts of Neukölln.


 The  listed property is now administered by Hikels District Office. Members of the extended family still live in the house. ©

 The  Neukölln youth councilor Falko Liecke (CDU) suggested moving a social facility into the villa.

District Mayor Martin Hikel (SPD) with the coat of arms of Berlin-Neukölln on the collar.image / Christian Ditsch


 The  idea of ​​creating a central office for confiscated real estate is plausible from an administrative point of view. For example, the Pankow Public Order Office has been responsible for undeclared work throughout Berlin for years, while the Lichtenberg Health Office has the tuberculosis office for the entire capital.

In the current investigation, the German officials were helped by decrypted data sets from the short message service “Encrochat”. Last year, French and Dutch officials managed to infiltrate the chat network, which had previously been considered secure against eavesdropping, using seized cell phones. Gangs that are active in Germany and are attributed to the OC also used “Encrochat”.

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