In short, the WKStA wants to refute “incorrect facts”


Things could remain turbulent for Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (VP).  The  Ibiza Committee of Inquiry expects chat minutes from ex-Vice Chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache (FP) to Kurz, which could contain conclusions about coalition agreements.

Kurz went on the offensive on Sunday: After his name had been mentioned several times in the act of corruption investigators, which led to the house searches of Finance Minister Gernot Blmel (VP), the Chancellor wants to contribute to the investigation. “I am available to give testimony at any time, seven days a week, because it is important to me that these erroneous facts and false assumptions can be quickly cleared up,” wrote Kurz to the Public Prosecutor for Economic Affairs and Corruption ( WKStA).

In the letter, the Chancellor tries to refute dates that can be found in the WKStA file. © The re was no meeting with Novomatic boss Harald Neumann on September 25, 2017. He took part in a TV confrontation that evening, writes Kurz. It is also wrong that he met Novomatic owner Johann Graf on July 25, 2017. In addition, appointments are displayed in a distorted way: © The y are not about conversations between two people, but about events in a larger group. © The  annual reports of the VP for 2017 and 2018 are enclosed. © The y should prove that the VP did not receive any Novomatic donations.

  • Video: Chancellor Kurz would like to be an exonerating witness in the Blmel case

© The  trigger for the house search at Blmel was, among other things, an SMS from Neumann in which the Novomatic boss asks for an appointment with Kurz and for help with tax problems in Italy and makes a donation to the VP.

In the “Presse am Sonntag”, Blmel said that there was nothing to be done about receiving text messages, and that the conclusions the public prosecutor’s office had drawn from the news were wrong.

U committee extended

© The  opposition announced over the weekend that it would extend the Ibiza U Committee until September. SP, FP and Neos also reported Blmel for making false statements in the U-Committee.

© The  opposition thinks little of Kurz Brief either. This is “a transparent escape forwards,” said FP club boss Herbert Kickl. © The  WKStA can also conduct a brief survey without an invitation, explained Neos club vice-president Nikolaus Scherak.



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short WKStA refute incorrect facts


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