In the realm of the noble man


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    <!-- Entweder gibt es keine banner, oder die banner sind deaktiviert oder hier nicht entsprechend eingestellt! --><p>Well, Winnetou dead, but who was really the poor pig back then?  <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="" alt="©" width="400" height="20" /></a><p>&nbsp;The&nbsp; hopeful young actor Rik Battaglia, who for years only met contempt in real life for having shot down the beautiful Pierre Brice in the film.  <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium" src="" alt="©" width="400" height="20" /></a><p>&nbsp;The&nbsp; flowery words about Winnetou's death also accompany the funeral of his literary creator, which stands at the beginning of this dark comedy: "A convulsive tremor went through his body."

 The  Linz ©

 The ater Phönix plays “Winnetou one to three and in the end Karl May dies”, the premiere was on Friday. For well-known reasons, the Phönix relocated the 90-minute piece by Erik Etschel and Lisa Fuchs to virtual space and transformed the stage action into a “film” with technical and manual skills. ©

 The  experiment was extremely successful, clever and well thought out.

On the stage, Playmobil Indians and a model railway, camera panning on a bale of straw that the prairie wind blows over the orphaned rows of seats. Enter Santer and his scoundrels, who seriously underestimate the “greenhorn” Old Shatterhand. “Zack! Bang! Boing! ”©

 The  direction, Doris Jungbauer choreographed juicy fights.

Trust anyway, but suspicion is obvious

Santer shoots the wise Klekih-petra (Anna Maria Eder) over the pile, Winnetou rejects Old Shatterhand’s friendship. Trust anyway, but suspicion is obvious.

Winnetou part 1 to 3 in fast forward in less than an hour, fast, funny and loving. ©

 The n pick apart ideals, myths and lies. ©

 The  film crew at the Berlinale, a celebration of vanity.

Filmmaker Harald Reinl indecently delights in young Karin Dor (“Mochn S ‘d’Augn just shut up and think S’ of Hollywood”). ©

 The  successful Lex Barker, vulgo Old Shatterhand, points to a future with a neoliberal credo: Become a dream of yourself, entertainment is reality!


 The  (real) theater director Erik Etschel conducts a gorgeous ensemble. Nadine Breitfuß sprays as Karin Dor and blasphemers as a critical horse that Kant quotes. Sven Sorring is a jovial-paternalistic filmmaker, David Fuchs indulges in adaptations of Santer, Mario Girotti (Terence Hill!) Or Klaus Kinski. Wiltrud Schreiner is powerfully comedic, but makes the dichotomy visible that separates Karl May from his mercilessly inflated mirror, Old Shatterhand. Martin Brunnemann as Pierre Price: a broken hipster with a pathetic bun, whose life is lashed to the role of the noble chief of the Apaches.

Karl May created a monster that in the end takes bitter revenge.


 The  show goes on, as marketing nonsense for esotericists, Winnetou still works brilliantly. Up into the realm of the noble man, watching is great fun.


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