Incredible – YB has more reserves on Basel than Basel on the bottom of Vaduz

Incredible - YB has more reserves on Basel than Basel on the bottom of Vaduz

YB is by far the most consistent team in the league and is heading for the next title.


© The  Young Boys’ lead over second-placed FC Basel is 18 points. Basel is 14 points ahead of the bottom group, FC Vaduz.

© The  Super League has never presented such a strange picture in the previous 17 seasons.

As for the “race” for the 2020/21 championship title, after the 21st round, in which YB scored their sixth win in a row with a 2-0 win against Servette, only questions of a statistical nature arise Bigger lead to become champions than two years ago when they distanced Basel by 20 points? In 2011/12 Basel also got 20 points on the runner-up Luzern. © The  20 points are the record lead.

15 rounds remain to be played. In order for the record not to be broken, one of two things would have to happen. In the next weeks and months the master would have to slacken off significantly and lose his cadence. Or one of the “pursuers” would have to break away from the homogeneous crowd and, for his part, show off in the style of the Young Boys. From the current perspective, one is as unlikely as the other. YB turns its circles lonely, like an eagle with no natural enemy.

A lot will be possible in the last 15 laps

Anything is possible round after round among the other nine teams. Every result tip is a risk, and there would hardly be a thirteen in the sports pool these weeks.

Behind YB, the teams go in single file. From Basel to Vaduz, the gaps are small and each team has a different number of points. That will still be the case after Wednesday’s supplementary game between Vaduz and Lucerne, if there is a winner in this match. ©

 The  Vaduzers will come close to the penultimate, FC Sion, if they win. Lucerne (23), Lausanne-Sport (24) and Servette (25) were one point ahead of them. ©

 The  number of points 26 would be orphaned, but then Lugano (27), St. Gallen (28) and Zurich (29) follow. Only Basel (32), the foremost goose, marches a bit ahead.

This peculiar, so far unique constellation makes it clear that a lot will be possible in the last 15 laps, including unprecedented overturns. Even teams like St. Gallen, Zurich and Lugano, which are currently in seemingly secure places, could very quickly get into a mess if they don’t win a couple of times. St. Gallen was the sole leader after three rounds with three 1-0 wins. Since then, the eastern Swiss have only won 19 points from 18 games – two points less than Vaduz in the same time if the Liechtensteiners win on Wednesday.

Especially at the weekend, in addition to the Young Boys, only the ninth and tenth, Lucerne and Vaduz won. Lucerne thereby overtook Sion.

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