Indications of Brazilian coronavirus mutation in Salzburg


In a person who tested positive for Corona, the pre-screening revealed evidence of the Brazilian virus variant. Since an essential mutation to confirm this variant was missing, the sample was sent to AGES for whole genome sequencing.  The  result can be expected in a few days.

Notes on mutants in Salzburg


 The  person concerned has already recovered and was released from quarantine with a negative corona test.




1,727 new corona infections on Tuesday


 The  Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Health recorded 1,727 new corona infections across Austria within 24 hours on Tuesday. 145 new cases are added from Salzburg.

However, it is hardly clear and difficult to estimate what these accumulated coronavirus changes are causing. You have to remain vigilant, but not fall into “alarmism” every week, said the virologist Andreas Bergthaler.

Coronavirus mutations are emerging

© The  boom of the term “variant” arose around the end of the year with the realization that the “British variant” (B.1.1.7) spread more quickly than the so-called wild type of the new coronavirus, and not just at the place of its discovery. ©

 The re was also the South Africa variant with its designation B.1.351, which was particularly popular in Austria in Tyrol. What both of them have in common is that they actually have numerous changes (mutations) in their genetic makeup compared to the original pathogen.

Variants on the rise

It is currently also evident that the British variant is gaining ground, especially in eastern Austria. In the west, wastewater samples would meanwhile also show higher B.1.1.7 proportions. In Tyrol it is not yet completely clear how well the spread of B.1.351 has been at least regionally contained. In any case, all question marks about the mutations would clearly show how important it is to push the total numbers down, emphasized Bergthaler: “No matter which variant is behind it at the end of the day.”

(Source: APA / SALZBURG24)

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Indications Brazilian coronavirus mutation Salzburg


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