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From February 23 on Disney +: Star (c) Disney +

On February 23, Disney + will launch Star, a new sub-area of ​​the streaming service from the Disney Mouse House, which will accommodate both adult content and in-house productions. We have summarized all the important information about the new offer for you.

On February 23, the starting shot will be given for the new Star sub-category on the Disney + streaming service. For the first time, it offers adult content from various brands belonging to the mouse group such as FX, 20th Century Studios, ABC and Hulu. Coming in-house productions, of which ten European and two German formats have already been commissioned, will also be shown there. In total, over 300 series and films will be added to the program at the start. You can find an overview of the new content here.

This is how you get the new category


 The  best news for anyone who is already a Disney + customer is that they’ll get Star hooked up automatically because it’s next to MarvelStar Wars“, Pixar, Disney or National Geographic just another (the sixth) category in the provider’s program. However, this also goes hand in hand with a price increase, which is why new customers should secure the subscription quickly before the start in order to get the offer cheaper.

What does the subscription cost?

With the price increase at the start of Star on February 23, the subscription to Disney + costs 8.99 euros per month, while the annual subscription amounts to 89.99 euros. So far, users have paid 6.99 euros per month or 69.99 euros for the annual subscription.

Find the Disney + offer here

How does the new parental controls work?

As soon as you log in via the app or desktop from the launch of the new content, the program shows you how to set up the age limit. To protect his children, the access can be adjusted accordingly so that only child-friendly series and films appear on the Disney + home screen. You can choose between the age categories of six, twelve, 16 and 18 years. This can be set individually for the existing profiles and optionally these can also be secured with a four-digit PIN. To set up an 18-person account, the user is asked once to enter his password when defining it

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