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Even though she was already dead, the executioners showed no mercy …

A dead woman was hanged in Iran after collapsing in front of the gallows with a stroke. According to her lawyer, Zahra Esmaili had previously seen 16 men hanged in front of her.

Esmaili had been sentenced to death for the murder of her husband, a senior secret service official. Together with other convicts, she was supposed to die by rope in Gohardasht prison in Karaj (west of Tehran).

In a Facebook post that was later deleted, her lawyer Omid Moradi wrote: “Zahra died before it was her turn. But still they hung up her lifeless body. ”According to the death certificate, the woman died of heart failure.

 The  human rights organization Iran Human Rights quoted further from the lawyer’s post: “©

 The  mother of her dead husband, Fatemeh Asal-Mahi, personally kicked the chair from under her feet to see her daughter-in-law hanging on the gallows.”

According to Iran Human Rights, the mother of two Esmaili is said to have killed her husband in self-defense: He is said to have repeatedly violently attacked her.

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