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Chats for the company experienced a high-altitude flight with Corona – and Microsoft Teams and Slack in particular benefited from it. But if you don’t want to entrust your data to an external service provider, you can also operate a messaging server in your own data center. This can even be implemented with the classic IRC, as the Convos project, which is available in version 6.00, shows.

For the user, Convos is a web application that is designed in a similar way to the commercial competition: In the left sidebar there are connected servers and the joined channels, under which all user settings can be made.  The  middle is dominated by the chat history, which can also display uploaded images directly. On the right sidebar, the client lists the active users of the channel.

Convos ensures that the user remains constantly online on the server. All messages and activities are persistent, the software saves them in the local archive and the user does not lose them in the event of inactivity. For the latter, an always active IRC bouncer is used, which the Convos project has integrated ex works and which does not require any configuration by the user.

An experimental video chat is also on board, which relies on WebRTC. All details can be found on the project’s website, including instructions for direct installation on your own server or via Docker. Demo access is also available. Convos is free software under the Artistic License 2.0 and appears for Linux systems and macOS.

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