Ireland: Pub converted to wildlife clinic during pandemic


 The  McCarthy family has been running the Tara Na Rí pub near the Irish town of Navan for ten years. Because of the corona pandemic, guests have not been allowed to entertain for months. Now the site is being used as a hospital for injured wild animals.

 The  owner family around James McCarthy has adjusted to accepting a new kind of guests. Three swans, a buzzard and a fox are currently being looked after at the facility.

With the help of Wildlife Rehabilitation Ireland (WRI), the pub in North East Ireland has been declared the country’s first wildlife clinic. In recent months, according to Irish media, WRI has rebuilt the stables at the back of the pub to accommodate animals, including birds. In addition, an intensive care unit for sick and injured wild animals has been set up.

From the tiny mouse to the seal

“We’ll care for all of the native Irish wildlife here. That could mean treating anything from a tiny mouse to a seal, a badger or a swan, ”the clinic’s manager, Dan Donoher, told Irish broadcaster RTE.

Those responsible are currently preparing for the most exhausting phase of the year. ©

 The y expect that many animal orphans will be brought to them in the spring. “We’re going to take in lots of little baby birds and foxes who’ll keep us busy for six months,” said Donoher.

And even now the operators of the veterinary clinic have a lot to do. ©

 The  goat Liam has to get her bottle, the buzzard needs attention. Meanwhile, the swans are setting up a nest in old stables.


 The  McCarthy family are enthusiastic about the new veterinary clinic on their premises. When her usual pub life disappeared due to the pandemic, a void set in, says James McCarthy. It took some time to fill this void again.

“We closed the pub doors on March 13th last year. When we heard that WRI was looking for a location for the coming spring season, we were absolutely impressed with their energy and ingenuity, ”he is quoted in Irish media. ©

 The  family then offered their premises.

More wild animals need to be cared for in the pandemic

According to the family, the project has received a lot of positive feedback. Many people offered to help with the renovation work, and animal feed was also donated.


 The  number of wildlife in need of care has increased in the pandemic, WRI said. According to reports, the organization explains itself mainly with the fact that the lockdown has encouraged the Irish to go on excursions into nature.

“I think that was the first time many people became aware that there are animals in Ireland,” said WRI staffer Aoife McPartlin, according to Irish media. “©

 The n they began to save animals.” ©

 The  wildlife clinic near Navan is now an answer to the question of where the rescued animals should be looked after.
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Ireland Pub converted wildlife clinic pandemic


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