Is a corona vaccination risky after an infection has been overcome?


People who have already been infected with the coronavirus still vaccinate: how useful is it and what dangers could it pose? A new study now provides answers.

Anyone with the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was infected and has recovered usually at least temporarily has a certain amount immunity, it says from Robert Koch Institute (RKI). How long and good this protection against Covid-19 works after recovery, but there is insufficient data on this yet.

 The  more contagious corona mutants Great Britain (B.1.1.7) and South Africa (B.1.351), which have meanwhile been detected in many countries, also raise further questions: How well is someone who was previously infected with another variant of the virus protected from these new forms of virus? Should people who have recovered from Covid-19 also be vaccinated to be on the safe side?

Vaccinate previously infected people, and if so, how often?

So far, the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko) in Germany has advised because of the short vaccine doses: People whose infection with SARS-CoV-2 has been confirmed by a laboratory should not be vaccinated for the time being. © The  Stiko chairman Professor Dr. However, Thomas Mertens had stated in a press briefing in mid-January that it was conceivable that in the future Covid-19 convalescents might only have one Vaccinationneed g as a booster.

But so far, science knows little about how an mRNACorona vaccine For those who were previously corona infected, the dose should be given to see whether it works differently – and whether risky side effects could also occur.

An American research team has now provided new insights into this, which is the immune response of convalescent test persons to a vaccination with the mRNA active substances from Biontech/ Pfizer and Modern analyzed. ©

 The  scientists working with Viviana Simon from the New York Icahn School of Medicine published their results as a preprint, i.e. as a scientific publication that has not yet been peer-reviewed.

Those who have recovered develop an immune response more quickly after the first vaccination

In their report, Simon’s scientists were able to show that the reaction of the immune system of previously infected people to the first vaccination dose was similar to that of previously uninfected people after the second vaccination dose.

Some recovered from Covid-19 even developed a stronger defense after one dose than those not yet infected after two doses of vaccine. ©

 The  immune system produced a large amount of the antibodies after four days. In test subjects without a previous infection, however, a relevant increase in antibodies was only seen after nine to twelve days after the first vaccination dose. According to the study authors, this is a clear indication that a single vaccine dose is sufficient in people with a previous infection.

More severe side effects if vaccinated after previous infection


 The  study also shows, however, that people who have already recovered from Covid-19 should also be weighed out a single vaccination dose beforehand. ©

 The  effects of the vaccination did not differ fundamentally in these subjects from the usual complaints. Nevertheless, they reacted more frequently to the vaccination with fever, exhaustion, headache, shivering and muscle and joint pain.

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