Is Blizzard underestimating the anticipation of Burning Crusade Classic?


from Karsten Scholz
In our round of interviews with those responsible for Blizzard, we had the feeling that the developers underestimated how many players are looking forward to Burning Crusade Classic for World of Warcraft. This would be repeating a mistake that they made before the launch of WoW Classic.

Im Special TBC Classic – What Mistakes Should Blizzard Avoid? I already wrote about it: I think it is absolutely necessary that Blizzard announce and provide new servers for Burning Crusade Classic in good time.

 The  reasons, in a nutshell:

  • On heavily populated Classic servers, activities in the open world (PvP, farming, questing) were frustrating for far too long for far too many WoW fans due to the large number of players – even with layering. Outland is much smaller than Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, there is a blatant bottleneck in Hellfire Peninsula.
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     The  Burning Crusade is more popular with many WoW fans than the Vanilla / Classic version. That shows, among other things our survey from February.

  • Even now, in phase 6 of WoW Classic, there are 4,000 to 7,000 level 60 characters on many WoW Classic servers who continue to participate in the raid content (via That population size alone would be enough to negatively impact the Outland gaming experience. At launch, however, the numbers could easily double (or worse) thanks to the returners who are currently paused and thanks to the level 58 character boost.
  • If we are right with our estimate, Blizzard has to keep layering active on the heavily populated servers until the last TBC phase so that Outland remains halfway playable.
  • We saw in WoW Classic how negative it is when there are too few servers at the beginning and Blizzard subsequently adds new realms drop by drop: Communities are torn apart, the faction balance can tip into extreme areas due to the transfer offers, servers remain too full often too full (because many players do not want to change so late), while servers submitted too late can only build up a small population.

Blizzard managers seem to see it all differently at the moment. We had at our interview with Blizzard the feeling that the developers are underestimating how many players are in the mood for Burning Crusade, and at the same time they are overestimating how many players are in the mood for forever hanging out in phase 6 of WoW Classic on the new era servers.

For example, John Hight explained to us that layering will only be a short-term measure to be able to cope with the high influx of players around the launch. As soon as the players have distributed themselves to the different areas, you will probably be able to cancel the layers again. When we suggested that Outland is much smaller than the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, the developers initially ignored it. Later, John Hight added that one must not forget: Many players will not play Burning Crusade Classic, but instead opt for the Classic-era servers.

What about it: Do you share my fears or do you believe, like Blizzard, that the current number of Classic servers is sufficient for Burning Crusade Classic? Tell me in the commons!

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Blizzard underestimating anticipation Burning Crusade Classic


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