Is that the third wave? Berlin’s governing mayor advises caution


BerlinIt’s going in the wrong direction – at least when it comes to the number of infections.  The  Robert Koch Institute (RKI) reported 7,676 new cases within 24 hours on Sunday. That was 1562 more than on the Sunday of the previous week. This also increased the seven-day incidence to 60.2 nationwide. On Saturday it was 57.8.

In Berlin, too, the number of infections is rising again, albeit only slightly. © The  seven-day incidence in the capital is 54.9 below the national value. ©

 The  corresponding corona traffic light is still red.

Despite the increasing number of infections: schools are opening in ten federal states


 The  number of cases is causing the politicians a headache, because on Monday the schools in a total of ten federal states should at least partially reopen. Already it is warned that the country could face a third corona wave.


 The  SPD politician and epidemiologist Karl Lauterbach is already certain: “©

 The  third wave is starting now,” he tweeted over the weekend. ©

 The  opening of schools will accelerate this development. He again demanded that rapid tests should also be used “urgently” for schoolchildren. ©

 The  vaccination of teachers must also be brought forward.


 The  Berlin health senator Dilek Kalayci (SPD) is of the same opinion. “We will also advocate a short-term change to the vaccination ordinance at the health ministers’ conference,” she told the Berliner Zeitung on Sunday. According to the current vaccination ordinance, daycare and elementary school employees are in group three and would probably not be there until the summer. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the heads of government of the federal states asked the Ministry of Health at their most recent meeting to check whether these employees could be brought forward. For this, the current vaccination ordinance would have to be changed.

Corona vaccination for educators: ©

 The  Stiko is against preferential treatment

According to Baden-Württemberg’s Minister of Health, Manne Lucha, this change is already in progress. A fundamental decision should be made this Monday, said the Green politician. Federal Minister of Health Jens Spahn (CDU) had also announced that the employees at daycare centers and elementary schools would be quickly taken to the next higher vaccination group and offered earlier.


 The  chairman of the Standing Vaccination Commission (Stiko), Thomas Mertens, defended the previous vaccination prioritization at the weekend, which was carried out at the suggestion of the Stiko. “It wasn’t about the risk of infection, but about the risk of severe disease,” he said. ©

 The  greatest risk for severe courses is clearly the age of the infected. Even younger people with a history of illness have a lower risk of a severe course of the disease than around 75 to 80 year olds. He pleaded for the previous order to be retained. “That is the basic principle and there is little to complain about.”

However, the Stiko only gives recommendations, politics has to decide. If she has good reasons to prefer a certain group, then that is the right of politics. You must then justify the change in the order. With regard to the educators, Mertens spoke of a “plausible argument from politics”, which, however, was not really supported by data.

Despite the increasing number of cases, schools and day-care centers in Berlin will initially be reopened as planned. “Berlin is proceeding cautiously and cautiously with the easing for the first to third grades, with alternating lessons in half the class and mandatory protective masks for everyone,” said school senator Sandra Scheeres (SPD) on Sunday. “In other federal states the openings are much more extensive.”

Nevertheless, the increasing number of infections is also viewed with concern at the Berlin Senate. “I am very concerned about the development,” said Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) of the Berliner Zeitung on Sunday. “©

 The  renewed increase in the number of infections makes it clear why we have been so careful with opening steps and why we have to keep going.” ©

 The  mutants are apparently getting through more and more frequently. “That means we have to concentrate all our energy on vaccinating and testing,” continued Müller. “Vaccination and testing are the ways out of this pandemic.”

Health Senator Kalayci also sees the virus mutants on the rise. “This will slow down the previously falling incidence,” she said on Sunday. “I stick to it and warn again: Be careful.”

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wave Berlins governing mayor advises caution


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