Israel introduced facilities for the vaccinated and convalescent


In Israel wird bereits die breite Bevölkerung geimpft.


Tel Aviv – Israel on Sunday introduced special relief for citizens who have been vaccinated against the coronavirus or have recovered from illness. With a Green Pass you can visit gyms, hotels, theaters or sporting events again. Health Minister Juli Edelstein wrote on Twitter that more than 3.2 million Israelis could now enjoy these benefits.


 The  aim is to stimulate the economy in the country again. “©

 The  Green Pass is gradually opening the country again,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Saturday evening. ©

 The  vaccination campaign in Israel is very advanced compared to other countries. ©

 The  country with its 9.3 million inhabitants is considered a pioneer. Every citizen from the age of 16 can now be vaccinated. ©

 The  number of infections in the country is still comparatively high, but has fallen steadily over the past few weeks.

As part of a second opening step after a week-long lockdown, shopping centers, museums, libraries and houses of prayer were also opened to non-vaccinated people on Sunday. ©

 The  corona rules such as mask requirement and distance must also be observed there. ©

 The  schools were also opened to other classes.

Recovered and vaccinated people can create a vaccination card online

In Israel, anyone who has recovered or who has been vaccinated can create a vaccination card online one week after the second vaccination. Personal information can be read using a simple QR code. Owners of such a vaccination card can then have a green passport issued, among other things via a special app.

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On the first day, however, not everything went smoothly: ©

 The  “Ramzor” app, which can be used to create the Green Pass on smartphones, kept crashing with numerous users. ©

 The  Ministry of Health then announced that the vaccination card could alternatively be shown in the first two weeks.


 The  Ministry of Health has agreed measures with the police to prevent counterfeiting. Companies face hefty fines for violations, and Health Minister Juli Edelstein even threatened forgers the Green Pass with imprisonment.

Distance learning but open shopping malls


 The re was strong criticism from parents that distance learning via video conferencing software Zoom continues in middle schools while shopping centers are already open. Opponents of the vaccination also criticized the advantages offered by the Green Pass as an unjust and illegitimate means of pressure on the part of the government.


 The  head of a fitness chain, on the other hand, spoke of a “fantastic opening” on Sunday. ©

 The  vaccinated, who could do sports again after months in the studio, are “happy that they are entering a green island where they are not in danger,” she told the news website ynet.


 The  Israeli National ©

 The ater Habima in Tel Aviv installed a screen with facial recognition software at the entrance after it reopened on Sunday. “In the Corona crisis, we can help all institutions that quickly let in a large number of people and have to check their identities,” said Ejal Fischer from the Preciate startup. ©

 The  software only needs a second for detection and can also prevent counterfeiting, said Fischer. ©

 The ater-goers could either scan their ID card with a picture online or register on the spot the first time they visit. ©

 The  software has been donated to the National ©

 The ater, and it usually costs up to 1,500 shekels (around 380 euros) a month per station with a screen.

In total, around 4.3 million first and almost three million second vaccinations have been administered in Israel since December 19. (WHAT, dpa)

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Israel introduced facilities vaccinated convalescent


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