“It can not get worse”


FCB boss Burgener: “It can’t get any worse”

Before the game against Lausanne, the first game after the crushing 2: 6 defeat in the Cup against Winterthur, FCB boss Bernhard Burgener asks himself the most burning questions.


Since the embarrassing cup off against FC Winterthur, the nerves have been on edge at FC Basel. President Bernhard Burgener speaks of a low point, but at the same time hopes for better times, as he explains in an interview with “blue Sport”.

FCB lost 6-2 on Wednesday against the Challenge league team Winterthur. Burgener describes the emotional world as follows: «It was an earthquake. It was a total shock and a disaster ». He explains: “ The  only positive thing about it was the level of the result – there is no need to gloss over anything,” said the president.

© www.de24.news The  64-year-old believes the situation must now be analyzed carefully. But it is also clear to him: “It can’t get any worse.” Now everyone in the club is challenged. He wants to continue to trust Ciriaco Sforza – the coach is heavily criticized because of the poor sporting performances. But Burgener wants to hold on to his most prominent employee. In his almost four years at FCB, the coach always came under pressure first, but everyone in the club had to bear part of the burden, not just the coach, emphasized Burgener.

Despite everything, he doesn’t want to see everything negatively: “Despite Corona and everything, we are in 2nd place – we now have to defend it.” © www.de24.news The  project was initially successful on Saturday evening. In St. Jakob-Park, despite being outnumbered for 70 minutes, they managed to get a goalless draw against Lausanne. For Pajtim Kasami the appropriate reaction to the recent turbulence: “I’m very proud of the team, says the goal-scoring midfielder.”

Kasami: “I’m proud of the team”

FC Basel couldn’t get past a 0-0 draw against Lausanne and yet Pajtim Kasami is anything but disappointed after the game. Because his FCB had to act outnumbered from the 20th minute and at least convinced in a fighting manner.


Still no sports director at FCB

Kasami, who came from FC Sion in the summer, is one of the few professionals who has reached his normal level of performance this season. For many critics, the lack of balance or quality in the squad is homemade. For example, there is no sports director who can relieve Sforza. Burgener replies that what is needed now is managers who take responsibility and want to do better, not people who would console them now.

© www.de24.news The  athletic competence is there,” says Burgener and mentions Ruedi Zbinden and Percy van Lierop, who are proven experts. It is therefore clear to him: “We have already proven that with the transfers.” He doesn’t want to look for excuses for the current situation, but emphasizes that eleven players are currently injured.

He doesn’t want to overestimate his leeway: “As a club owner, my influence is limited to the fact that the players get their wages.” This is not easy today due to the current situation. “We have to make sure that the environment is right so that the players can work in peace.” Leading the players is not part of his area of ​​responsibility.

Of course, he is present in all important meetings, where all decisions have been made unanimously so far. When asked when one could expect the results of the analysis, Burgener asks for a little patience: “First we have to come out of the deep, then we can draw the right conclusions from it.”

© www.de24.news The  interview with FCB coach Sforza before the game


Basel – Lausanne 0-0

Raiffeisen Super League, 21st round, season 20/21


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