It gets action-heavy, but gets an additional beginner mode with a story focus


 The  RPG Final Fantasy 16, announced by Square Enix last September, is set to be pretty action-heavy: Producer Naoki Yoshida revealed this today in the “Game Hack” segment of the “One Morning” radio show on Tokyo FM (via Gamestalk and For players who only want to concentrate on the story, the team is currently preparing a special mode, says Yoshida.
With the following statement, he addressed players who are weak in action games:

“Since we have quite substantial support actions, we are of course preparing something that is easy to use and soft to play. Don’t worry too much. (…) I come from the generation that started the Final Fantasy series Game with real-time – I’m almost in my fifties (…) I think there are certain hardships that you experience when you grow up, so I wanted to make the main theme of this game something that is who grew up with Final Fantasy and can understand reality, enjoy it, take something out of it and think about it. “


 The  stand-alone action role-playing game for single players will be released for PlayStation 5 (console-exclusive), but also for PC. ©

 The  console exclusivity is limited in time, a release date has not yet been set.

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actionheavy additional beginner mode story focus


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