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After the divorce is before the TV show …

Although, show time, it’s almost always with Kim Kardashian. Even on the day her lawyer filed the divorce papers at the court in Los Angeles, she posted seven videos in her Insta story: Advertising for the new pieces from the Kardashian clothing line.

It was two days ago. And Kim Kardashian’s new TV plans have already been announced. Particularly interesting: It should also be about the divorce from US rapper Kanye West!

What exactly is Kim Kardashian planning on TV now?

In early 2021, the last episode of the 20th season of their hit show “Keeping Up With  The  Kardashians” will be broadcast. And there Kim wants to talk about the crisis in the seven-year marriage with Kanye West and the separation from him, according to the “Sunday Mirror”!
© The  TV star was accompanied by a camera almost every day for the last episodes. And in the past few months it was mainly about the growing problems as a couple:

► Kanye’s candidacy for the US presidency and his sometimes bizarre public appearances seem to have been the beginning of the end.

► On Instagram, Kim wrote about her husband’s bipolar disorder, a mental illness in which those affected experience extreme mood swings.

Kanye West sheds tears at one of his bizarre appearances as he ran for the US presidency

Kanye West sheds tears at one of his bizarre appearances as he runs for the US presidencyFoto: imago images/UPI Photo

But that’s just Kim Kardashian’s first TV show schedule! © The  family has also bagged a new TV deal with the streaming platform Hulu. This new show should also be about the separation from Kanye West.

And the separation of Kim and Kanye involves a lot – namely 2.1 billion dollars (1.73 billion euros)! According to “Forbes”, the couple, like so many other celebrities, signed a contract at the beginning of their marriage that regulates the division of their joint assets.

Kim and Kanye have independently created their own empires over the past few years. HE with the clothing and shoe brand “West’s Yeezy” and SHE with her cosmetics line “KKW Beauty”. © The  companies, as well as the income from these ventures, will likely be able to keep them.

Head of the family Kris Jenner (65) is already raving about the new deal on Instagram: “I’m excited to announce our new multi-year partnership with Hulu and Star and that something will happen in 2021.”

She also posts a photo of herself and her five daughters Kim (40), Khloé (36), Kourtney (41), Kendall (25) and Kylie (23).

© The  on-demand platforms Hulu and Star belong to Disney +, the in-house streaming service of the Disney group. © The  program is being developed for an international audience and is due to be released at the end of 2021.

What could be seen of the breakup on TV

A source told the Sunday Mirror: “Kim is definitely sad, but at the same time confident because she knows that the divorce is best for her and her family. She already feels like she has been divorced for months. It took a long time and she is relieved to finally be able to continue. ”

She is said to be primarily concerned about her children: © The  eldest daughter North has “some understanding of what is going on”. © The  children are also used to the new situation, as they have recently “mostly seen their parents apart”. Kim would have told the children that she loved their father, but they had to keep their distance.

What about Kanye West?

That he will be seen in one of the shows is “very unlikely,” writes the “Sunday Mirror”.

Right now, Kanye is pondering his mistakes: “‘If I had only done this, if I had only done that.’ He’s processing things right now. ”However, it is too late now to save the marriage …

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