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Outstanding Djokovic:  The  number 1 wins ninth Australian Open title thanks to victory over Medvedev

Novak Djokovic remains invincible in the final of the Australian Open and clearly shows Daniil Medvedev the limits. © www.de24.news The  Serbian world number one impressively expands his series to nine titles in Melbourne.


Before and during his impressive ninth triumphal procession in Melbourne, Novak Djokovic comes under heavy fire again. After winning the final, the Serb sends his critics a message.

At least from the second set, the eagerly anticipated Australian Open final on Sunday degenerates into a single show of power by Novak Djokovic. In less than two hours, the “King of Melbourne” puts challenger Daniil Medvedev in his place and takes his ninth trophy down under.

Overall, it is the Serbian’s 18th Grand Slam title – and a very important one. “He needed this victory so badly. © www.de24.news The re is someone up there who is seeing all of this injustice from a lot of media and people. He’s been going through a lot, ”said coach Goran Ivanisevic after the successful Australian Open final. It is clear to him: “If people cannot find another, they attack Novak.”

That leaves traces on his protégé. “It wasn’t easy to deal with all this criticism, with the injury, with everything. But he showed the world again how great he is, how great he is as a tennis player. This is his tournament », said Ivanisevic.

Djokovic: “I’ve developed thick skin”

When asked about the criticism, Djokovic himself also gave a deep look at the press conference on Sunday. “Of course it hurts. I don’t enjoy it when someone criticizes me publicly in the media, ”admits the world number one. He tried not to read the many comments. Sometimes things leaked out anyway. “It is also unfair of some people who criticize and judge without really checking it beforehand,” says Djokovic.

However, this is not the first time in his career – and possibly not the last time either. “But I think I’ve developed thick skin over the years,” explains the 33-year-old. He tried to concentrate on the essentials. “It’s much easier said than done. I had to invest a lot of energy, especially mental energy. “

By winning the title Down Under, Djokovic sends his critics the right message, as he himself underscores: “I didn’t let it affect my performance. Winning the trophy is, in a way, my answer. “

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