Jamie Spears defends himself: Guardianship should protect Britney


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 The  Mirror” has received a statement from Jamie Spears attorney Vivian Lee Thoreen, which states: “My client Jamie Spears has diligently and professionally fulfilled his duties as guardian of Britney Spears and his love and dedication to the protection of his daughter are clearly visible. ”

Britney has made it clear again and again that she wants to get rid of her father’s guardianship. But the applications of their lawyers have so far not been successful. Last November, the singer was at least partially successful in court, because Jamie Spears has since shared control of Britney’s finances with the financial company “Bessemer Trust”, which was appointed as co-guardian. On February 12, the shared guardianship was extended to September 2021. Additional court dates are scheduled for March 17th and April 27th.

In a statement by Jamie Spears it goes on to say that he is looking forward to working with “Bessemer Trust” to continue to develop an investment strategy “in the best sense” for his daughter.

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Jamie Spears defends Guardianship protect Britney


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