Jan Josef Liefers: His grown-up daughter Paulina is so pretty


“Tatort” actor Jan Josef Liefers has four children. Especially his eldest daughter looks like the face of the famous papa.

 The  actors Jan Josef Liefers (56) and Anna Loos (50) have been married since 2004 and are the proud parents of their daughters Lilly Anna Sophia (18) and Lola Liefers (12). But the “Tatort” star is also proud of his children from previous relationships: Leonard Kramer (24) from the relationship with actress Ann-Kathrin Kramer (54) and his eldest Paulina Liefers (32) from his first marriage to actress Alexandra Tabakowa ( 54). © www.de24.news

 The  latter in particular is very similar to her father – daughter Paulina is exactly his image.

In the video above, we introduce you to the eldest daughter of Jan Josef Liefers and show how similar the two look.

Rare snapshot: Romantic declaration of love from Anna Loos to Jan Josef Liefers

We rarely see Jan Josef Liefers on the red carpet with his wife Anna Loos, and private couple photos of the actor couple are even more rare. But now and then Anna Loos lets herself be carried away and posts sweet pictures of the two. On her Instagram page there is a rare snapshot with a fitting declaration of love: “Best dad in the world” with the hashtag meineLiebe. Even if the picture is a bit older, it exudes pure love.

You can see the rare romantic couple photo of Anna Loos and husband Jan Josef Liefers in the following video!

Rare couple photo - and a touching declaration of love

© Gina Wetzler/Getty Images; Instagram/anna.loos; BUNTE.de


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Jan Josef Liefers grownup daughter Paulina pretty


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