Johnson & Johnson applies for vaccine approval in the EU


 The  US pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson has applied for approval of its corona vaccine in the European Union (EU). As the Amsterdam-based European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced on Tuesday, it received an application for “conditional approval” from the European subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson. A decision on this could be made by mid-March.

Advantage of the vaccine: It only needs to be vaccinated once. As a vector vaccine, it works like the one from Astra Zeneca.


 The  EU has ordered 200 million cans – with an option for a total of 400 million cans.

According to the company, Covid 19 disease can be prevented in 66 percent of cases.

In the USA (where the old virus variant still dominates) the effectiveness was higher (72%), in South Africa it was lowest (57%). Severe disease courses could be prevented to 85%.


 The  EMA has already tested the vaccine in the past few weeks.

This vaccine could then become the fourth approved in the EU.

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Johnson Johnson applies vaccine approval


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