Joint appeal: “Zero tolerance” against new anti-Semitism


 The  ceremony heralded the series of events “1700 Years of Jewish Life in Germany”.

“If I, as Federal President, can wish for something for this festive year, then it is not just a clear declaration that Jews in Germany are part of us, part of our common we, but that we will resolutely oppose those who still – or again – question, “said Steinmeier. “©

 The  Federal Republic of Germany is only completely at home if Jews feel completely at home here,” he emphasized. ©

 The  fact that even young Israelis sometimes move to Germany is “immeasurably lucky for our country”.


 The  Jewish community in Cologne is not only the oldest community in Germany, but also the oldest north of the Alps,” said the North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister and CDU Chairman Armin Laschet. ©

 The  festival year that is now beginning with its around 1000 events nationwide is an ideal occasion to get to know each other better. “Let us also set a clear counterpoint to anti-Semitic incidents, anti-Jewish conspiracy theories, and anti-Semitic agitation on the internet and on the streets!” Laschet appealed.

Israeli President: “Zero Tolerance Against Anti-Semitism”

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin also called for “zero tolerance against all forms of anti-Semitism” in a greeting. In the past few decades there has been both a strong revival of Jewish life in Germany and a dangerous rise in old and new forms of anti-Semitism, said Rivlin. One must tackle this – “whether on the street, in the online media or in politics”. Rivlin said the history of Germany and the Jewish people had been linked for centuries. This included times of cruel persecution, but also phases in which the common history was shaped by cooperation and tolerance.



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Joint appeal tolerance antiSemitism


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