Joseph Beuys’ studio is for sale – top location


 The  former living and working studio of Joseph Beuys (1921-1986) in Düsseldorf is for sale. © The  historic place of work of the world-famous fat and felt artist on Drakeplatz in Oberkassel is marketed by a real estate company. “Thanks to the charm of the old building, high ceilings and a unique cut,” the rooms offer an “extraordinary atmosphere in the midst of art-historical significance,” says the website.

Beuys had lived and worked in the 250 square meter room from 1961 until his death in 1986. No information was given about the price of the studio. © The  studio was “still relatively authentic in its original form,” said a manager of the real estate company on Wednesday when asked by the dpa. Despite the top location, “no luxury has been built into the rooms”. ©

 The  previous owner had bought the studio from the Beuys family in 1999. ©

 The  family was informed about the planned sale. Several media had previously reported.

City has no buying interest

© The  state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) is celebrating the 100th birthday of the exceptional artist with numerous exhibitions this year. Apparently, neither the state nor the city of Düsseldorf are interested in buying the historic location. ©

 The  Düsseldorf cultural department stated that the studio house “unfortunately shows hardly any traces of Joseph Beuys that would allow insight into his way of life, work or his artistic goals”. ©

 The refore, the city of Düsseldorf “has no interest in acquiring the property”. ©

 The  city has not yet been offered the house for sale. ©

 The  state of North Rhine-Westphalia also announced that it would not buy the house. (apa)

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Joseph Beuys studio sale top location


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