Journalist jokes about Princess Leonor – and loses his job


Madrid – In a breaking news for the Spanish TV broadcaster RTVE, the freelance journalist Bernat Barrachina allowed himself a tip in the direction of the royal family, which was not well received. A short sentence that was only faded in for three minutes earned him the resignation.

“Leonor is leaving Spain like her grandpa”

This line sealed Barrachina’s career at the public television broadcaster RTVE last week.  The  responsible editor has been transferred. But why did this sentence cause so much turmoil? Actually, the journalist just wanted to announce that the 15-year-old heir to the throne is moving from a Catholic private school in Madrid to a college in Wales to take the internationally recognized high school diploma (International Baccalaureate). However, he alluded to her grandfather, the former King Juan Carlos, who lives in exile. A difficult subject for many Spaniards.

Princess Leonor leaves Madrid in the summer.

Princess Leonor is about to start school in Wales

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A failed comparison with the scandal king

Juan Carlos has lived in Abu Dhabi since August 2020, where he has avoided corruption allegations. Comparing the young Infanta Leonor of Spain with her grandfather seems to be a serious breach of taboo – conservative Spanish media even took it up as an attack on the monarchy. Oppositionists to the form of government, on the other hand, criticize the journalist’s expulsion.

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Journalist jokes Princess Leonor loses job


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