KAC catches up with Bozen with victory in the top game

KAC catches up with Bozen with victory in the top game

In the qualifying round, meanwhile, it set defeats for the top duo.  The  Dornbirn Bulldogs had to admit defeat to the Moser Medical Graz 99ers 1: 2 away as well as the Bratislava Capitals, who missed out at 0: 4 at the Steinbach Black Wings Linz. TWK Innsbruck Haie conceded a home defeat, who lost 3-1 to EC Grand Immo VSV.

In the table, Dornbirn is still tied for points ahead of the Bratislava Capitals (12 each) thanks to its better placement in the regular season. Behind them a close fight for the third open place in the quarter-finals between the VSV and Graz (7 each) and the Black Wings from Linz (6) announces. Innsbruck only stops at four points.

“Red jackets” set the pace

In Klagenfurt the “red jackets” were always in the lead after Clemens Unterweger’s goal (4th) and Lukas Haudum’s 2-0 (26./PP). © www.de24.news

 The  South Tyroleans, who suffered their first defeat in the second round, managed to score twice in a power play before Rok Ticar finally decided the game with an empty-nicer (59th).

© www.de24.news

 The  “Red Bulls” wrote to Salzburg for the first time. After a lightning strike from Austin Ortega after 57 seconds, thanks to the recovered captain Thomas Raffl (24th) and Stefan Espeland with his premier goal for Salzburg (38th) they pulled away to 3-0. Raffl responded to a Hungarian shorthander shortly after with his second goal (52nd).

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 The  best thing about the win was how we played as a team. We showed a really strong game as a team and also used our chances to score, ”said Salzburg coach Matt McIlvane happily. For Fehervar it was the third defeat in the third round match.

Wrong roles in qualifying round

In the qualifying round, the Graz 99ers and the Black Wings Linz made the fight for the remaining three places in the quarter-finals exciting again. Graz defeated leaders Dornbirn Bulldogs 2: 1, Linz defeated Bratislava Capitals 4: 0. © www.de24.news

 The  five teams from Dornbirn (12 points), Bratislava (12), Graz (10), Villach (10) and Linz (9) are only separated by three points.

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 The  two weakest teams in the regular season are so far the two best in the qualifying round. © www.de24.news

 The  VSV won with a 3: 1 in Innsbruck as well as the third victory as the Linz. Chris Collins (55th) and Jerry Pollastrone (59th) scored the Villachers for their first success against Innsbruck this season. In Linz Juha-Pekka Hytönen (18th) and Moritz Matzka (28th) brought the Black Wings onto the winning road, in the final third, league goal scorer Brian Lebler made two goals for the highest win of the season for Linz.

Graz celebrated their first win of the season against the Bulldogs in the fifth attempt. © www.de24.news

 The  Russian defender Vitali Menshikov, who was engaged for the decisive championship phase, was the Graz match winner with a double (12th, 42nd).

ICE Hockey League, intermediate round


Placement round

KAC – Bozen 4: 2

(1:0 2:1 1:1)

Tore: Unterweger (4.), Haudum (26./PP), Strong (38.) bzw. Halmo (30./PP), Findlay (52./PP)

Penalty minutes: 8 or 13 + playing time Catenacci

Salzburg – Fehervar 4: 1

(1:0 2:0 1:1)

Goals: Ortega (1.), Raffl (24., 52.), Espeland (38./PP) and Mihaly (49./SH)

Penalty minutes: 4 or 12

Qualifying round

Graz – Dornbirn 2: 1

(1:0 0:0 1:1)

Goals: Menshikov (12th, 42nd) and Jevpalovs (50th)

Penalty minutes: 2 or 4

Innsbruck – VSV 1: 3

(0:0 0:1 1:2)

Goals: Gerlach (47th) or Collins (34th, 55th), Pollastrone (59th)

Penalty minutes: 6 or 8

Linz – Bratislava 4: 0

(1:0 1:0 2:0)

Goals: Hytonen (18th), Matzka (28th), Lebler (47./PP)

Penalty minutes: 4 or 6

Table placement round

Qualifying round table

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KAC catches Bozen victory top game


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