Kathrin Menzinger private: The “Let’s Dance” star gave him his heart


February 22nd, 2021, 4:04 p.m.

Kathrin Menzinger danced her way to the top. Image: Henning Kaiser / dpa

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For “Let’s Dance”, professional dancer Kathrin Menzinger has been putting a quick bump on the floor for a few seasons. But the native Austrian is also turbulent in her private life. We’ll tell you more about her life and career.

Dancing at world championship level: that’s what Kathrin Menzinger, born in Vienna, stands for. © www.de24.news The  professional dancer has not only achieved numerous titles, but has also been seen in various dance shows on television. Reason enough to take a closer look at the life and career of the blonde dance fairy.

Thanks to brother Patrick, Kathrin Menzinger became a dancer at an early age

Kathrin Menzinger was born in Vienna on September 24th, 1988 and at the age of six she started in tournament dance with her brother Patrick. After several victories in her youth, Kathrin Menzinger was able to assert herself internationally with her new dance partner from 2004 and even achieve world championship titles. But the dancer can also be seen regularly on TV.

“Let’s Dance” and Co .: Kathrin Menzinger as a dancer in numerous dance shows

In 2011, Kathrin Menzinger became better known in Austria through her participation in the dance show “Dancing Stars”. After supporting the show as a professional dancer for three years, she switched to “Let’s Dance” in Germany in 2015 and danced her way to victory with Hans Sarpai. In the following year, however, she was less lucky with Ulli Potofski and only came in 6th. She also danced with Heinrich Popow in 2017, with Heiko Lochmann (formerly: Die Lochis) in 2018, with Thomas Rath in 2019 and with actor Tijan Njie in 2020. In 2021, Kathrin Menzinger will again take part in “Let’s Dance”.

Kathrin Menzinger privately separated from friend Vadim Garbuzov

Kathrin Menzinger not only owes her dance partner Vadim Garbuzov for her success: the couple also spent a long time together privately. But in 2015 the two announced their separation. “Unfortunately, the reports about our separation are true … After 6 wonderful years together, we decided to separate privately”, Garbuzov wrote on his Instagram channel at the time.

Kathrin Menzinger falls in love with Max Boas after the breakup

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 The  decision was difficult for the couple, but they parted on good terms and wanted to stay friends in the future, Garbuzov continued. But now there is another man in Kathrin Menzinger’s life who makes her heart dance. In December 2019, Kathrin Menzinger posted a sweet smooch photo and presented her current boyfriend Max Boas to the public. “You can call him Max – I call him mine, forever” (in German: “You can call him Max, I call him mine, forever”) enthuses the dancer. Unfortunately, she didn’t tell us how long the two have been together and whether Max can also dance. Since then, there are countless couple photos to be found on Kathrin Menzinger and Max Boas’ Instagram accounts. You seem to have preserved love.

If there is still time for the dance studio in Lower Austria with so much hot love that she runs together with her parents.

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