Kerner moderates: ZDF brings “Dalli Dalli” back


On May 13, 1971, “Dalli Dalli” was first seen on German television with Hans Rosenthal. In a few months, the legendary show will celebrate its 50th birthday – and ZDF is taking this as an occasion for a birthday show. This is to be shown this year and moderated by Johannes B. Kerner. This is reported by “Bild am Sonntag” (“BamS”).  The  recording should take place in May, there is no broadcast date yet.

© The  ZDF confirmed the show plans to the “BamS” colleagues. “‘Dalli Dalli’ became one of the company’s best-known and most popular broadcasting brands, primarily thanks to the great Hans Rosenthal. Reason enough to celebrate the 50th anniversary with a big show in May,” said a broadcaster. If the new edition gets good ratings, it could go on, reports the “BamS”.

After the legendary editions with Hans Rosenthal, ZDF tried a new edition in the afternoon program in the 90s, with Andreas Türck as the presenter. In 2011, NDR brought the format back to the screens, with Kai Pflaume moderating. © The n in 2013 the change to the first, where the show ran under the title “This is great”. Since spring 2015 there have been no more new editions. Pflaume explained that at the time with time problems – as is well known, he also moderates one or the other show.

As the “BamS” reports, the ARD actually wanted to set up a “Dalli Dalli” anniversary show this year. But nothing will come of it now. “ZDF was my father’s station that he loved. I get along very well with my colleagues at ARD. But I think it’s good that we are celebrating the anniversary at ZDF,” said Gert Rosenthal, son of Hans Rosenthal. compared to the Sunday newspaper. ©

 The  rights to “Dalli Dalli” are owned by ZDF and Rosenthal.

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Kerner moderates ZDF brings Dalli Dalli


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